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Best Bed Buddies
December 2011

By Uncle Bear

Please allow me to introduce my family to you. I'm Uncle Bear, your standard old curmudgeon, and my best buddy and friend is Abby Bear. While I do not care to reveal my age, I'm very proud to announce Abby is headed toward becoming a teenager, and when she does hit the magic 13 the number will match her weight.

Abby Bear
Abby Bear

Ten years ago Abby came to me from a rescue shelter. My poor little kitty had been so traumatized during her first three years that it took her 19 months to lose all of her fear of living with me. Since that time she has learned she always gets her way.

Let me explain. Abby has developed an interesting habit. While I don't mind, she always reminds who is smarter than whom. It has to do with her bunking with me.

When I lie down to take a nap, something both of us enjoy immensely, I'm required to lie on my back and allowed to place my left arm in any position I chose. However, my right arm and hand are to be laid in a predetermined position, where they will provide exactly the right comfort zone for a certain feline to maximize their use.

Once I'm in the proper position, Abby will lie in the crook of my arm with her tail over the top of it to insure it doesn't escape. Then by laying her body just so, she can be rubbed until she either drops off to sleep or decides to see how full her food is.

Should I make the foolish mistake of thinking I can get away without performing this routine I'm quickly reminded that a particular wet, cool nose will not cease to nudge my arm or body until I start doing my duty. Abby , being smarter than I, knows if she keeps the nose touching attack going long enough, I'm the one who will holler "uncle" (no pun intended), and do as I should have done in the first place.

There are times when it seems to me that things may have gotten a little out of hand. Having laid down for a nap and given Abby her rubdown, I start to slowly drift into a much needed nap. Then the ringing of the phone will arouse me, and I'll get up to answer it. Once I explain to the telemarketer that "no" I don't need any more insurance, I'll return to bed and my nap, only to find I'm required to do the rubdown all over again. It never fails! No matter how many times I arise and lie back down, or how short the duration between times, a rubdown is in order.

One time I was sure I had outwitted her, but it backfired. Feeling that I was smarter than any old feline, I devised a foolproof plan. Just before I lay down for my nap, I went into the kitchen and refilled her water dish and topped off her food dish. As I was finishing, she came scurrying in to see what was up. When she walked over to her food dish and sat down for a snack, I very quickly and quietly slipped into the bedroom to lie down. My thoughts were when she came in she know I was sound asleep and decide not to disturb me, but to simply snuggle by my side and also nap. Wow, was I wrong!

A certain wet cool nose belonging to a certain female cat whose name is Abby, was not fooled in the least. After realizing my wonderful plot had been discovered, I did the only thing available to me, and gave Abby her rubdown.

As I drifted off into slumber I smiled to myself. It's true I thought Abby is smarter than I---at least when it comes to getting a rubdown.

Uncle Bear and Abby Bear snooze together in North Carolina.