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Super Cat
by Patricia Brown

This is the ongoing story of Super Cat, also known as my beloved cat Bob, whose mission on earth is to sneak off, seek, discover and explore every square inch of previously unknown/never before seen or thought of hiding places in the great indoors. If Super Cat happens to give the alien aka "the human caregiver" a few extra grey hairs, when he is ultimately found then that's definitely an added bonus.

Super Cat has graciously decided to allow me to share one of his adventures with you today.

Super Cat has always been known for his extraordinary ability to leap from one distant object to another; from the computer desk to the top of something called the "china cabinet". The alien keeps breakable objects of sentimental value in this "china cabinet" and Super Cat had promised himself that one day he would find a way to get inside said piece of furniture and carry out his mission on Earth.

typical jump
Super Cat's typical leap

Super Cat knew that his mission would be extremely difficult to carry out because the door belonging to this particular piece of furniture was kept tightly shut the majority of the time. On special occasions the top glass door would be opened by the alien and she would take out the glass dishes she inherited from her grandparents. The human was very fond of these dishes and told Super Cat about the wonderful family Christmases the alien had as a child at her grandparents. Christmas Dinner was served on these special dishes.

One day when the alien was distracted by the phone, the glass door to the "china cabinet" was left partially open. Super Cat knew that the human meant to go back and check the door later, but she forgot.

His golden opportunity had finally arrived. Super Cat waited until the human had gone to bed for the night and was in a deep sleep. He did not want to be disturbed during his exploration of the bottom shelf of the "china cabinet."

It was around 2:00 am in the morning and by this time the glass door had very gradually and slowly inch by inch become totally open. Super Cat climbed up on the dining room table which was almost opposite the bottom shelf. It was extremely thoughtful of the alien providing Super Cat with this fantastic jumping spot, but Super Cat realized that the alien had never considered in a million years that he would try to leap from the table into the china cabinet.

dining room table
The thoughtfully placed dining room table

china cabinet
The goal

That's exactly what Super Cat did; however, he ran into a little snag. He got stuck between a china tea pot and a very old cow figurine and couldn't move. Super Cat was forced to lay down flat with his rear end hanging out the "china cabinet" while the stupid piece of furniture was swinging back and force.

tea pot and cow
The obstacles

Super Cat guessed that the crash woke the alien up and she came running into the living room at top speed. He didn't know the alien was capable of running that fast, especially in the middle of the night. Super Cat was sure that the human was very impressed with his resourcefulness, bravery and independence in attempting to explore the bottom shelf of this particular piece of furniture.

Eventually the "china cabinet" stopped shaking; coincidentally, at about the same time the human arrived.

Super Cat was unable to remember if the human removed the teapot and the cow before she lifted him out of the china cabinet. He does know that she inspected all of the dishes to see if there was any damage. Of course, the dishes were not damaged; Super Cat is extremely graceful and would never break dishes under any circumstances.

Super Cat tried to explain to the alien that he was perfectly capable of getting himself out of this predicament, however; for some reason the human would not stop hugging him.

Super cat
Super Cat, taking a well deserved rest

Patricia is a writer from Ontario, Canada. She can be reached at

Super Cat will be sharing more adventures in the not too distant future.