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Le Feli'n Cyprien

by Margaret Brown-Bailey

Meow! Meow! Good Morning, My name is Cyprien and I just woke up from one of my many cat naps. It's time for me to start this glorious day, hmm... I wonder what mischief I can get into today? First, I'll have some breakfast, should I have chicken with liver or tuna? Well, let's just see what the misses left out for me today. "Tum tee dum tee dum," I think I will be having the tuna, a good choice I might add. "Slurp, that was yummy!" Now What? I have the whole day ahead of me and I have to make it interesting.

I'll saunter around the house for awhile until I find something that arouses my curiosity. Wait, I think I hear someone approaching the house. I've gotta get to my special window and take a peek, "Ah, yes! It's the postman again, he's awfully early today. I wonder if he brought us any samples for catnips? Nah! probably not." Ok then, where was I? Yes, I just saw a rather curious box. I wonder what is in it? I"ll just scratch at the box until it opens. The suspense is killing me. "Oops! head for the hills I think it's about to explode!"

What's this, sugar? "Aye caramba! A box filled with bags of sugar? Clever, why didn't I think of that." Oh well, I guess someone's going to have to clean that mess.

"Rrrring!" The phone, someone get the phone. "Ugh!" (reaching for the phone), if only I were a bit taller, I am certain I could take a message. "Rats!" it's that cute Chester calling again. "H-e-lll-oo Chester, I'm here even if they're not, can you hear me?" I guess that contraption doesn't pick-up background noises. Oh, well.

It looks like a lovely day outside, if someone comes home early I can make a run for it. All I need is a few minutes to graze on the shrubs outside, and I'll be good. God, if you're listening send someone soon. In the meantime, I'll cozy up on the sofa and take a snooze, I'll think about that dreamboat Chester. For a human he's quite intellectual. You know, I could think of something and he'll come by, and start talking about it. Yeah, I guess you could say we have a special bond.

Oh wait, I hear someone coming in, gotta go, gotta go right now! I made it through the door in less than thirty seconds. This will make 'em go bonkers. A-n-y minute now, they'll be yelling and screaming, "Cyprien! Cyprien!" Then they'll say, "That Cyprien, she's always going AWOL as soon as we open the door."

They think I have a charmed life, but they should try sitting here all day staring at the still house. I get so bored that I start eating my own fur. Then, I start choking on my own fur. "Oy!" such heartburn. Ok, I think they are closing in, I'm behind the azaela bushes, I'm over here "smarty".

I think she's got it. Ding! ding! ding! Give the girl a prize.

I gets that's all for today. The misses is miffed. Now for the body search for fleas, and my favorite, sitting in front of the television and watching Extra! Extra! Hmm...maybe I'll get a glimpse of Morris.

Margaret is also a poet. You can read her poems on her poetry page.