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July 2004 -- Chance's Second Chance at Kats-N-Kittens

My name is Chance, I am a young female grey tiger cat. Once I had a home. People wanted me when I was a cute tiny kitten, but as I grew out of the kitten stage, I was no longer wanted. One day one of the humans picked me up and put me in the car and took me for a ride far from home. I did not understand, I had done nothing wrong, I sat huddled on the floor boards nervously waiting for what was to happen to me. Suddenly the human slowed down and reached over and grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and flung me out the window of the still moving vehicle. I felt the asphalt burn and rip my skin and fur off as I slid and tumbled over the road, my teeth were embedded into my gums and some were broken. Luckily I was not hit by a car but I was badly injured. Picking myself up I limped and headed away from the road.

I donít know how much time passed, but I found myself at a feed mill where there were many strays and feral cats. The people at the feed mill shouted at us and chased us. I decided people were not very nice and to try and avoid them if possible. Humans could not be trusted. Some nice ladies put out food at the edge of the mill property for the mill cats. Unfortunately, I was an outsider to these other cats, and they would not let me near the food. Hunger made me careless and I found myself inside a metal trap when I went after a tempting tin of cat food. Frightened and alone, and my wounds still hurting, I waited.

Soon a lady came by and put me in her car with other trapped cats. I was terrified; what was to happen now? Hissing and clawing I whirled about desperately trying to escape as she transferred me into a carrier at her house. The other cats were put into cages but I went for another car ride. The place we arrived at smelled of antiseptic and all sorts of animals. A man in a white coat with a soft voice and big leather gloves skillfully removed me from my carrier and treated my wounds. Later I would find out he was Doctor Snyder of Bellville and he was used to caring for abandoned and hurt strays brought in by Kats-N-Kittens. Even though I was still a bit woozy from my treatments and getting spayed and tested. Iím afraid I wasnít very nice to the dark haired young woman, Heather, who daily talked softly to me and fed me the most yummy cat food. Every time she opened the cage door I was a hissing ball of fur, bravely trying to show what was left of my teeth. Even though I wasnít very big I was a force to be reckoned with -- no one was going to hurt me again!

As the days and weeks passed I learned the nice lady, Heather, was not going to hurt me but only stroke my soft fur, speak gently to me and feed me. She named me "Chance" as she said often to me that I now had a second chance to have a good life. I am still at Kats-N-Kittens Adoption and Rescue, waiting for someone to adopt me and give me a home where I can be special, and not just something to be used and discarded. Heather has taught me to trust again, and I am anxious to share my love with someone and sleep in their lap.

This is a story of just one of the many cats that come to Kats-N-Kittens Adoption and Rescue, in Lucas, Ohio, a non-for-profit organization. There are usually between 80 and 120 cats receiving help and a second chance at Kats-N-Kittens. To help with Chanceís vet bills or for more information, to adopt, foster, donate supplies, time or money, please contact: Heather Altman at Phone: 419-892-5702.

* For deductions, Kats-N-Kittens' non-for-profit tax number is : 35-2209288
They are classified under 501c(3)