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Nov 26 2003
Rachel and Buddy
When my kittie came home for the first time my dog respected him and now they play all the time P.S. kitty wins MEOW

Nov 25 2003
My kitty, Brittany, is 2 years old. She is a tortoiseshell (sp?) kitty, she is almost all black with brown weaved in, and splashes of tan all over her. She has a patch all around her one eye. She loves the sink too, she can't figure out where the water is going when she sees it go down the drain. I love her so much!

Nov 25 2003
My partner and I have just gotten ourself two kittens. Both are female and both are tortoiseshell. Their names are Bobbie and Gia. Yesterday morning my partner was getting ready for work, standing with just a top on when all of a sudden I saw Gia leap from the floor about a meter away and up my partners legs, as if she were a tree that needed climbing. Was so funny.... still chuckling now!

Nov 22 2003
A moth came into our house and my cat was chaseing it around and playing with it and then he ate it.Then he licked his chops.

Nov 19 2003

Nov 19 2003
Quenn Alisabitha
my cat is fat the fattest cat in the world and im happy cause im fat to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-!!

Nov 19 2003
my cat is fat

Nov 14 2003
One day my cat Mia was on the windowsill on a sunny day so the glass part was open. Then all of a sudden the screen just fell out and Mia fell out the window! [Editor: Be sure your screens are secured -- you don't want your kitty to be hurt or killed.]

Nov 14 2003
I am the one who feeds my cats, since their mine, so they always follow me when they are hungry. One day I was going down stairs (where the cats' food is) and my cat Mia thought I was feeding her so she came down too. Usually she jumps onto the pool table to wait for me to get her, her food. But this time I was in her way so she jumped and slammed into me. It was really funny!!

Nov 10 2003
Sealpoint Himalayans are SO CUTE AND FLUFFY!!! My cat Nova is one, and she is just the cutest! She even lets me put her around my neck like a scarf! How's that for cute?

Nov 2 2003
i used to have a kitten named missy. she was like a sister to me. she was only 6 months old when she got hit by a car. every after noon i came home from school and called her name and she came running towards me. i loved missy.

Nov 1 2003
My kitten's name is Rumbler. I named her Rumbler because she always purrs. When she wants to groom her tail, she chases it until she catches it. Then she lays down and licks it.

Oct 29 2003
We have 3 Cats. Two tabbies, Sylvester or loy and Garfield or Jaffa. We have 1 moggie, Tarrac. When we get up in the morning, Loy demands bikkies. He is mums cat and is spoilt rotten

Oct 28 2003
My cat, Gracie, is extremely cute and very weird. Her favorite treat is lettuce. She begs for it. She loves rubbing up against me and giving me gracieness. Whenever she sees a bug in the house, she'll either try to catch it or sit and meow at it for hours if it's out of reach. She also loves to sleep in the bathroom sink and drink from the faucet.

Oct 24 2003
I have an adorable almost-eight-month old calico kitty. I don't let her in the bathroom, because onece she unraveled three feet of toilet paper, and once, she unraveld at least 70% of the roll, and chewed it off the spool, now that was funny!

Oct 22 2003
I have a very interesting story about my oldest cat. Well it's really a sad story. when she was about 4 years old, she was looking out the door window one night and my dad thought that it would be funny to shut her in the door. Well he shut her in there alright and he caught her tail in there to. All I heard was Reeeeeeeowww! and when i woke up the next morning her tail was half severed from the rest. My mom took her into the vet and she had to have that end amputated. She still wont let anyone touch her ther and i stiil yell at my dad for it. Then one night when our youngest cat was in the same door, my dad walked by and the oldest cat hissed at my dad because she thought that he was going to shut him in there too. What a heroine. You think that she hates him but really at heart she loves him. Awwwwwww. True Love [Editor: Your dad needs to learn not to be cruel to animals.]

Oct 18 2003
I have 2 cats named ling ling and rambo both like to drink from the sink.

Oct 12 2003
I have 2 kitties named Rosie and Spotty. Spotty is a male domestic white and black domestic shorthair w/ black patches on his white body. He is extremely affectionate and likes to climb shoulders and balance himself on them. a couple times he jumped from the microwave to the top of our open kitchen door. Rosie is a female siamese/ tortie and white mix. She loves to play with my shoelaces when I'm untying them. She crawls under bedcovers and snuggles, she is very active and playful. She gives little lovebites, steals Spotty's food. If you have to go to the bathroom she races you, it's her bathroom too. The soft cover on the toilet lid is one of her favorite beds.

Oct 10 2003
My four cats are all very specia. One's name is Light, she is the one i can get along with the best, cause she doesnt beg for attention, like the others.

Oct 10 2003
My cat's name is Lightening. He likes playing and sleeping. when he hasn't seen you from awhile he looks at you with his baby face,it's so cute.

Oct 7 2003
Hi my name is Justeen,my cats name is Lani.She is a Saimese.Lani is one year old.Lani meows a lot, I mean a lot.I also taught her how to kiss me.Thank you for reading my note!

Oct 7 2003
Laneah and Justeen
Hi my name's Laneah,and my cat's name is Marley.She's sometime is annoying!She also meows when I'm asleep,and she punches my friends with her paws(it doesn't hurt and it's not violent.)Marley runs away from my Dog Buddha.But best of all she loves me and I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 4 2003
Nicole Elizabeth
Hi! I have a 1 year old cat named Bree Alyssa. And she's such a unique cat, I honestly believe that she was an insane person in a past life! She came to us when she was barely 6 weeks old, tiny as can be and it's been a whirlwind of a life ever since! She loves playing with toy mice and she thinks she's a big toughy cause she chases our big dogs (who are German Shephard/Wolf mix and German Shephard/Bull Mastiff mix, huge dogs!)all over the place! She loves chatting with the birds from her window seal perch and is constantly telling us her business of the day! She's an American Havana Brown and we love her to pieces! Such a unique cat with great personality! I reccomend a Havana Brown cat to any one who loves a cat that likes to chat back and keep you laughing!(But believe me, they learn the word 'No!' fast!)

Oct 4 2003
My friend dallas has a cat named Grady he is two years old and loves playing with me and dallas.Grady is a loving cat.

Oct 3 2003
I have a calico cat,named Lucy. She is 3 years old, but she waddles every time there is a piece of poop stuck on her tail. She'll waddle, and soon, poop will be rubbed all over the place!

Oct 2 2003
Jenni and Jared
Our Cat Mickay Mows Can jump 5 feet up in the air from a stand still.

Sep 27 2003
Yeah,I have a cat, her name is candy and she is so smart she knows how to open the bathroom door, but that is only when I am in there. she is part of our family and we love her.

Sep 27 2003
My kittens name is Freckles, and she is a calico. And if it wasn't for one of my family members hse woldn't be with me right now! There was a man who had a cat who had kittens... and this man didn't want too many cat's so he was going to kill Freckles... until his daughter took the cat and gave it to my sister in law and was asking people if they wanted it... so i asked my mother and she took a few days and finally said yes. so now i have a smart cute and monkey like kitten. :-)

Sep 21 2003
I have two cats. One is named Tiger, andshe is 2 yrs. old. She is chubby and when she runs her fat sways underneath her when she runs. She a princess, but she hunts. She beat up a dog and has killed many shrews. She has an obbession with used fabric softening sheets. My other cat, Indy, is tiny, fluffy and a big flirt. She has a crush on our dog. She has long hairs in between her toes and likes people to watch her eat. They are both pretty. Indy is a dilute calico, and Tiger is a farm cat, white with tabby markings on her face, tail, body, and the fat part of her tummy. Indy has a tan L on her forhead, LoL!

Sep 8 2003
I currently have 15 indoor cats. 9 are kittens though and we may keep 1 or 2. The kittens are Egyptian Mau cross a long haired barn cat.(the breeding was an accident-but we love the kittens anyways)One of our short hairs was showed and after a year and a half of placings and taking in ribbons he was then used for breeding- his name is Squire Julian Gingerver- jules for short. He is trained to sit, wave, jump and a number of other things on command. A few of our well bred kittens thru the years have gone on to being shown and also 2 were used in commercials when they were younger. We dont plan to breed cats anymore- just retire with the ones we have now. We used to show and breed dogs also (we still have 8), but now we stick with out main business and thats training reining and cutting horses.

Sep 7 2003
I have 2 house cats. Their names are Butterscotch and Lilac. I also have a dog named Pumpkin. Lilac is new. Butterscotch and Punks are jealous of her! They fight -- it's so funny to watch! Hahaha!

Sep 6 2003
Alex is a one of a kind cat, He happenes to be quite fat. We love him anyway, He's too lazy to play, And what do you think of that?!

Sep 2 2003
Hi I have a cat called Tomas Omally and every night when he finds an opening in the blanket even if its like 12am he will go to the opening and every time he dose he lets the cold air in or i roll on top of him by accident but he forgives me for that.

Aug 31 2003
I have had 3 cats in past 4 years. The first called gemma was a tortioseshell! She died of kidney disease. My next cat was pure white, deaf, had one green eye one blue, and was allergic to anesthetic. Oh yeah SHE was called ?Mosis? She was totally mad n we loved her sooo much. We almost lost her when she was spayed as a kitten -- she was allergic to the anesthetic! but she pulled through and became her hyperactive self! But a few months ago (june 2003) we had a table delivered and she jumped in to the back of the van being her dizzy self and we never got her back. We all loved her as she was so unique and you never knew what was coming next. On thursday (28th aug) we got a pure black 6 week old kitten that is just a crazy little fluff ball! We called it Rasclui which means little black thing in greek! I love cats so much. I am 14 and I have everything to do with them my room is paterned in pictures of them!

Aug 20 2003
I have 3 cats. 1 is a ragdoll breed, 1 is a tabby breed and 1 is a tortoishell. I love them all! They all have diffrent personalities. 1 is a crazy cat and jumps on the furniture. It also hides under the spare bed! 1 also likes to hide behind corners and follow you aroung on a saturday morning it also likes sleeping on my bed. The other likes siting up on the kitcken stools watching the world go by! I like cats and I want to be a vet or scientist on animals when I am older. I might come back next week! Thanks for reading my small verse about my cats!

Aug 19 2003
Well i have a cat and his name is tiger. He is very cute and he has a hunting heart. Sadly he had a ear infection once but lucky lived. I was very happy of this. I will always love him.

Aug 18 2003
I have a cat. Her name is rosie donut. she chases the geese at our barn. she is realy realy fast. sometimes I let her ride my pony with me. She is a good rider! she is a farmer cat! I love you rosie donut!

Aug 16 2003
i used to have a manx cat. She had a tortishell coat. She was so pretty. I loved her so much. She had diabetes. Every moring before school i would help my mom give her her insulin. We had to give it to her in a shot form. One day her temp droped dramatically. We called the vet to ask them what to do. They said to put her in a box next to a gallon of HOT HOT water. She wouldnt stay in the box though. So my mom took her to her FAVORITE spot, outside. She died in my moms arms. When my mom walked in, she was crying so hard, she said that Lady head died. I was so sad. I ran into my room and started bawling my eyes out. I didnt recover for who knows how long.

Aug 15 2003
i have a very smart cat, i showed her how to shake a paw

Aug 15 2003
hi my names kimberley and i have a web page that i made about cats to share. I would love for people to have a look at it and tell me how good or bad it is. its to tell me what you think write to either kimberleyward91@hotmail.c-om OR hope you enjoy luv kimberley

Aug 14 2003
One day I looked across the street and saw my neighbor’s cat, an orange tabby named Tigger, trying to get at a squirrel. Tigger was wobbling on a thin branch with one paw outstretched trying to touch the squirrel. That cat had such a look of concentration and determination on his knew that he had been at it for awhile. The squirrel was perched atop a street sign, inches away from the cat. He knew that he was right out of Tigger's reach, so the teasing began. Now I don't know if squirrels can dance, but the way this one was carrying on you'd think he'd practiced just for this moment. Tigger inched slowly down the bending branch, his tail swerving madly as he tried to keep his balance. The squirrel stopped bobbing up and down and stared. They were face to face...but Tigger's branch wasn’t going to hold out much longer. Suddenly with an explosion of speed the squirrel sprang over Tigger's head and landed on the branch above him. Tigger looked up and in surprise and then...crack...

Aug 14 2003
I have a tabby cat named Jlo and she is 2 years old, my mom calls her Danger Kitty, and believe me she is! She has been everywhere! She is an indoor cat, she has escaped outside during the night and she was scared so she went under the deck we found her @ 11 the next morning (she got out at about 2 am) I was having a sleepover and i went outside to get my shoes. Another time she jumped into my friends bag when they were sleeping over, she was stuck in the refrigerator, drop ceiling in our basement, she has jumped into the toilet and things like that. When my brother and I go to school, she has to come or she'll meow at the door for a long time! She has to come out with us so we got her a leash! She is a medium sized cat but that is how big she is going to stay.

Aug 6 2003
I have a two year old named Shelby, she is the best cat I have ever had. When someone comes over to visit belive me she is the first one there to sniff them out to make sure that they're o.k. to stay, and if she dosen't like you she'll let you know!

Aug 6 2003
I had a calico cat named Mitzi a few years back, but she disapeared(ran away, got lost or stolen...). It makes me sad to think that she used to be my favorite person in the world, and now I hardly remember her.

Aug 2 2003
my cat ashley is 1 year old. once my mom left her in the boiler room with our dog. behind the boiler there isn a chimley she must have got bored and she desided to go behind the boiler and curiously tried to CLIMB IT!!! My mom got back in the boiler room and the dog was sitting by the boiler my mom wnt behind and gasped with disbeleaf and my beautiful white cat was black with soot my mom and dad were horrified!! by the time i got back from school she was grey.she had a bath with i might add she did not like. i was crying. i stayed with her all night long. in couple of days she she was back to herself again.

Aug 1 2003
I had two cats one named smokey one named sage. Sage was a stray cat that was let indoors and out doors. Smokey always stayed inside the cats became good friends. Then one day some one hit sage in front of our house. He did it on purpose we think because he was by the curb and the neighbor across the street said that he swerved over to hit him. Then smokey went crazy after not seeing sage in a while and would pee in the spot sage use to lay and only leave that room to eat or drink. My parents decided it was best to put smokey to sleep.

Jul 31 2003
Hi, I have met babeee, the asymetrical-eared cat mentioned on the 26th. But I have my own man, to join me at my house! I am quite sure that he is the true reincarnation of former singer/romance icon Barry White. Buddy weighs 19 lbs. and he truly received Barry's hansome figure. Sometimes Can't Get Enough of Your Love enters my mind when he plops down his manly self next to me, and then I realized he is carrying the beat of our song in his purr. I feel this is truly a sign, because it takes a lot of work for a cat like himself to breethe that quickly. Thank you. Bye.

Jul 31 2003
My cat Mickey died recently, he was my soulmate, we slept together every night. He would tell me it was time for bed and then wait for me to pull back the sheets so he could snuggle up to me with his head between my neck and shoulder. I miss him so much, the house is so empty without him.

Jul 28 2003
Chief Big Paw
My cat Jeff really likes going outside. When we first got him we didnt know he liked going out so much so we never let him go out side. in the end though Jeff tore bit of wood out or the door. Jeff is a good boy!

Jul 28 2003
Carey, Sofie, and Ralphie
I live out in the country so I see lots of cats around here. Anyways.. I saw this tabby outside so I went outside and the tabby was Super Friendly!! I played w/ it for a while then it wouldn't leave, so we named him Ralphie. He came and went as he pleased. Then a while later a little whlie later another stray came into the yard and it was a beautiful female calico. We named her Sofie. I turned Sofie into a house cat and a little later we found out she was pregnant. So know Sofie is expecting some kittens soon. Both Sofie and Ralphie are doing fine.

Jul 27 2003
Last week I had fried bacon and placed it on paper towels to get the grease to drain. After eating the bacon, I threw the paper towels in the kitchen waste can. Later I came back to the kitchen to discover my pet bird and cat dragging the greasy paper towels all over the kitchen floor. What a mess! The kitty had dragged the towels out of the can and the bird was dragging them everywhere. Who says cats don't like birds! It reminded me of the putty tat and the tweety bird in the cartoons, however.

Jul 26 2003
Hi, I have a cat whose name is babeee. He is rather large and his ears are asymmetrical. He gives us love taps with his butt. He also needs an alignment as he always leans to the right. He has licked himself for 45 minutes non stop. He loves to lick the salt from popcorn. He also loves to eat lizards. bye.

Jul 25 2003
My Calico cat named Mixie died in February 2003, and I miss her so much. The thing that I remember most about her is that when i put my face near hers, she would come up to me and put her lips to mine. That's what I miss most about her.

Jul 24 2003
My indoor/outdoor black male named Gobi always brought me gifts such as snakes, frogs, mice, etc. with a big yowl to announce himself when he came inside. He finally figured out what I like. Imagine my surprise when he yowled entrance one night presenting to me a bite size morsel of cake.

Jul 23 2003
I just got a new kitten named Tiger. I got him from my friend Casey. He had lots of cats and kittens. He seems to like getting into trouble and always whines to come inside. We've only had him for 5 days and he sure is a handful . But what kitten isn't.

Jul 18 2003
I have lots of cats funning around my neighborhood and everybody seems to share them. There are two cats that live at my house and never go away. Thier names are feddie and Sanka. They are both so cute and it's hard to put them down. There also very lazy and love attention. But I don't know what I would do with out them. they always put a smile on my face.

Jul 15 2003
When my little sister, Alice, couldn't say my cat, Silver's name, she used to just say Silbert! Now that is Silver's nickname!

Jul 10 2003
I have a beautiful cat named Spot. I know most people automatically think of Spot as a name of a dog. But in this instance it is a cat. He is gray, I mean so gray that he has a beautiful silver hue at times. He has a white medallion on his neck, therefore we named him Spot. Now Spot came to us 2 years ago at the very tender age of a weanling, no bigger than my hand, but with the spirit of a fighter. Someone had thrown him out at our campsite, so we brought the wild little kitten into our home. Now keeping in mind that he had been raised by myself and my husband, Spot doesn`t realize he`s a cat. After 2 years of being with us in our home (never outdoors), he is more human than most people. We got him neutered at 6 months of age, and he is now a very stout, shiny specimen. The vet said Spot was a very well maintained feline. At a whopping 15 pounds, he is the best cat anyone could ask for.

Jul 9 2003
I used to have a really great cat named No-Tail. She got hit by a car last summer. I miss her so much.

Jul 6 2003
I have 25 cats. I'm going to tell you about out little kitten Wobbles who is almost 2 months. I was petting her mother (Spunky) back and forth and Wobbles followed my hand back and forth it was so cute!

Jul 5 2003
I have a cat named Butterscotch. I love my baby feline soooo much! She is very grouchy sometimes like when I play with the dog for too long! She glares at me and won't let me hold her when this happens. But, when the pup is in her pen for the night, Ol'ButterCat gets up on my bed to tease her!

Jul 2 2003
I have a cat named babe and she was walking around our pond in our backyard and she fell into it one day and ever since then she is always in the pond water chasing our poor little pond fish!!

Jun 26 2003
one time my cat was sleeping and i was laying down and i felt some one on my hair and it was my cat and when i went to go get her off my head she ran so fast and when ever anyone went to go get her she would run so fast.

Jun 26 2003
There once was a little kitty who was a most unusual kitty he was friends with a dog, he went to school, he brushed his teeth, and he ate breakfast at the table. by lili 7 years old

Jun 24 2003
Well,first of all I have a cat named clyde he is soooo cute and cuddley!!!!One day I was sitting in my room and I have a really big mirro.At first he was just starring at himself then all of a sudden he jumped out at the mirro as if it were another cat!!I know what you are thinking that it's not so funny,but you would have to see it!!!!!!!!

Jun 18 2003
Hi, My name is Jenn and I'm 13 years old. I have 14 cats and 1 dog. My tail is going to be about something that happened today! Ok, my mom was cleaning out our trailer because we're going camping this weekend, and when she went to go back into the house, my cat Sylvester got out! Sylvie LOVES going outside, and just lazying around in the sun, so it's not unusual for him to run out when you open the door. Even thought he knows he's not allowed! Anyway, it was just my mom home at the time, and she couldn't catch him, so she just waited for me and my younger brother to come home. So, as I'm walking across my lawn, Sylve comes running straight at me! He's an extremely cuddly cat, and he always jumps on people's legs and shoulders, so you can imagine my surprise when this white blur comes streaking down from my neighbors tree and right into my stomach! My mom laughed so hard she had to sit down, because when Sylvester had hit me, I had toppled backwards from the force!

Jun 16 2003
I have a cat named Canela (in English it is Cinnamon). I lover her alot and my dad loves her. She always eats Friskies food, never any other type. I love my other kitty, too; his name is Orion Hoffman! Well, peace out kitty lovers!

Jun 15 2003
I have a cat named Fizz. He is really adorable, but sometimes he get into catnip and flips out! He acts as if he is going is really quite ammusing to watch. He can run up and down the tree out back 10 million times over and over.....thats all i got

Jun 13 2003
Hi! i actually don't have a cat, although I really want one. BUT both my parents are allergic :( It's probably just as well because it would drive my dog pineapples. Aha! we get to the point of this cat tail! Once, I was at school, and there was this cat rolling around in the parking lot, in his little happy sunny lala cat place.My friend's mom tried to get him to move, but he wouldn't. Cars were coming, and the cat, lolling around in his happy lala place, was ignoring both the cars, and we inferior beings Well, finally, my mom showed up (with my dog) and my friend's mom requested that my dog help in cat in happy lala place removal services. My dog loves cats. Unfortunately, cats do not love him. The cat tok one look at him, and shot out of his lala place as quick as a, well, um, very quickly. Apparently, the cat's name was Max and unfortunately, Max died a few months later. :(

Jun 11 2003
My stepdad had always hated cats,even though I begged and begged him for one. So, it was very unexpected when my mom announced that she wanted to get a cat to live with her in her apartment. So, we went out and ended up finding an adorable long haired grey mackerel tabby kitten. My mom was going out of town the day after we adopted Josey so she and my stepdad agreed to leave him in my stepdads house. When my mom returned a week later, she came by the house to pick-up Josey. Uhhh, we can keep the cat for you, if you want. Besides, he's used to it here and the kids love him, my dad replied.(He also had fallen in love with the kitten) So see, even the smallest of cats can create cat lovers out of anyone, no matter how hostile they seem to the furry little bundles of joy.

Jun 10 2003
I used to have a cat named Fluffy. He and my other kitty, Butterscotch were husband and wife. It was so fuuny, Fluffy would sit under the lilac tree and wait until Butter saw him out the window and begged to go outside. Unfortunately, Butterscotch has been a widow for a few years now but we'll always remember the good time! Meow!

Jun 9 2003
I have a cat, she is very lazy but one time i gave her a strawberry to play with and she play with it for a long long time! it was very funny!

Jun 9 2003
MY cat coco was outside she was there to meet me when I came from the beach .She followed me and there were bugs. a dragonfly flew by and she jumped and caught but right that moment she ran to the other side because she landed in a puddle of water.haha.. oh you don't think it's funny!

Jun 7 2003
One time... at band camp!!! no j/k! Anyway... I had a rockin' cat named Pergatory a few years ago who got hit by a car, but before then, I was getting ready for work one morning and I had my shoes laying out so I could pick out which pair matched my outfit best, and I was trying on each pair, then going to another one. Eventually, I walked off with a pair I was happy with and went into the kitchen for breakfast. When I had finished, I walked back into my room to put my shoes away, and Pergatory looked at me, then at the shoes, and did so a few more times, and stuck his paws into one of the pairs, dug his claws in, and tried to walk away with them on! I just about laughed myself to death!!!

Jun 7 2003
I have always been more of a dog person, but I fell in love with an orange tabby that took up with my friends and I at an apt. complex we lived in. He was the perfect cat. Never made a mess or jumped on counters.Our friend Rebecca named him Cameron. We had to leave him behind when we moved, as heartbreaking as it was, but we knew that he would find another family to take up with, just as he had with us. I now have a female calico named Sanction who is my pride and joy, but I wanted to pay a little tribute to the greatest cat I've ever had the privilage to feed, shelter, sleep, and read with. Wherever you are, Cam, thanks, and I love you.

Jun 6 2003
Cats are my favorite animal but I hate day my god brother ricky was playing with my cat Tigger and Tigger jumped 5 feet in the air and did a back flip and landed in rickys lap and tigger ran away and we both laughed

Jun 4 2003
I have a great kitty that's kool. It's soo funny. My brother was playing with his marbles, and one flew into the hallway. My kitty came charging through the house, leaped on the marble, and obediently brought it to my brother. Pretty funny? No? O well...

May 30 2003
I have a cat named Susie. She's the cutest tortoiseshell in the world.Once we moved to a house with 2 friends and their dogs.We kept Susie upstairs, but in the first week they met inthe middle of the stairs and started talking to each other! The dogs were wimpering and Susie was making the kind of noise she makes when she wants a cuddle! It was so cute!

May 27 2003
My cat, Sweetie, is so funny. When we first got her, she would sit at our front window by the door and meow until this boy cat from down the street would come up to her and stare at her. They would paw at each other and play around until he went up the driveway and went back home. I do not know if the family that had that cat moved or what, but he stopped coming to the door. But of course, Sweetie didn't realize that...she would hang out at the door for the first few weeks that he was gone until she finally got the picture.

May 26 2003
I have a cat named Chuck Steak, because he loves steak. once when my girlfriend was coming over and we were going to have steaks, Chuck jumped on the table and ate both steaks before my girlfriend even got to my place. We had cheeseburgers instead.

May 23 2003
Well, our washer and dryer broke down so we had to go to the cleaners to wash our clothes. These people came in with a 3 and a half week old tabby kitten. They asked if we wanted him and we said no for we already had two cats. They then put him on the dryer and ran out of the store. We had no where to take him so we took him home. My mom didnt want to keep him but we all grew attached to him so we did. We named him Buddy. He is now a scurrying ball of orange fluff running through my house. He and I have an extemely close connection; we love each other so much!

May 23 2003
I have a kitty named Mintaka and she has learned to fetch. She is obsessed with the hair bands i put in my hair, so one day i shot it across the room and she carried it back to me in her mouth! She now always wants to play fetch, even when i am trying to sleep. She will bring in a hair band and drop it into my hand, sit and eagerly wait for me to shoot it across the room for her. Annoying, but pretty darn cute!

May 20 2003
I Have A Kitten Named Princess.She Attacks Alot Of People.She Is Very Weird And Her Birthday Is On September Third.

May 18 2003
My black kitty, Salem had 4 adorable kittens in April. They are now old enough to crawl around out of their bed. There is Rascal, a black & white; Clover, a calico; Lilac & Luvbug, whitish. They are sooooo cute1

May 17 2003
Our cat, Alex, is so sweet! When we first got him, our other cat, Sweetie, would attack him and bully him around. Every time she would do this, he would lay on the floor and put his head in his paws and threaten to scratch was pathetic, i know, but really cute!

May 17 2003
Jordan Wolff
I have a long haired feline who has quite a personality! Her name is Paws because she has six toes on each paw. Once me and my granny were out on the lawn playing kick ball. I looked over and there is Paws staring at the post of the deck. Then, there she goes, tearing up the post. She walked across the roof and jumped up on the chimney. Just sitting there staring at us.I guess that's the privilage of having six toes!

May 13 2003
I have a kitten named Princess and she is a cutie.She has a funny face but it is very cute.

May 13 2003
I have a cat called Pepper and she is 4 years old. One time i was in my back garden and i was staring at my cat pouncing around. Then all of a sudden, she stood up on her hind legs and started waving her front paws like a bird!!! It was really funny!!!

May 9 2003
B. Lee
I have a black kitten who is about 5 weeks old. His name is Black Cat...generic, I know. I took forever trying coming up with a good name for him, yet kept calling him Black Cat, and now he is starting answer to that. Anyways, I frequently take him in the car with me, showing him off to my father and some friends. Every time he goes for a ride, I put him in a cardboard box lined with a towel. Yet, he always, and I mean ALWAYS climbs out and manages to perch himself on my shoulder while I am trying to drive! He also likes to play with my hand when I am shifting gears (I drive a stick shift). Very cute, however, my kitty almost got me in a wreck more than once hehe :).

May 9 2003
One time I was at my friend Desiree's house. She has a cat named Callie. Anyway, I was holding Callie and she started licking my shirt. I think she was licking for about 5 - 10 minutes. She is really wierd, but I am a true kitty lover.

Dec 31 2002
My cat is a wonderful grey tabby that happened to be abandoned by his cruel owner. He had a tough time adjusting to his new family since he was bearing the pain of an ear infection. Now after a few months his ear infection is gone and he is a playful kitty. He still is a bit jumpy but now he is fine. I find it sad that there are people out there who would actually mistreat these wonderful creatures.

Dec 30 2002
I got my tabby cat - Leroy - when he was only 4 weeks old. He is like a soulmate to me. He loves all the things I love - cheese, chocolate, sleeping and cuddling. He loves to hop in the shower with me (weird hey!). He always come to the park with me and even plays fetch. He will sit on the coffee table when I am watching tv and just stare at me (sometimes for over an hour!) until I get eye contact with him, and then he will meow intently until I let him get on my lap. He wraps his arms around my neck and gos into a coma like sleep. What a little sweetie!

Dec 14 2002
I have a 9 month old gray tabby.Her name is Sydney.She is sweet, incredible affectionate,with a really loud motor that gets turned on the second I touch her. She sleeps with her little head on my pillow and her little body pressed against mine..One of the things I love most about her is that she is truly funny and she makes me laugh.She is also a little thief who steals my pens.At first it was a mystery,all the pens were disappearing,then one day I cought her shoving it with both front paws deep under the carpet,so that it reached the coffee table,where I can't step.When I turned back the carpet I found ten pens.I am just crazy about her and she constantly surprises me with her antics.

Dec 11 2002
I have 2 cats of my own one is a Russian blue and the other is a male tomcat. Both of which act like they are spoiled and can do anything that everyone else can do. They get treated with the utmost respect. Ashley, is the female Russian Blue, and Henry, is the tomcat. I love the two of them like they are my children. They have touched the lives of all who have visited my house. They stay and sleep with me when I'm sick. They lend a caring ear and a loving paw that gently touches onto my forehead when I'm down or when I just feel like I can't go on any more. These are two pets that I wouldn't trade for all of the mony in the world. They are my life, and my joy. I love them both dearly!!!

Dec 9 2002
I have 2 cats...Jasmine, 1 1/2 year old Calico, and Sabrina, who is almost 3 months. Sabrina was born on Friday the thirteenth....she's not crazy or anything, actually quite the opposite. Jasmine was never a lap cat, she's a typical Calico. But Sabrina, she loves to be held and kissed and hugged. Sabrina also has the loudest motor(purr) I have ever heard. I love my kitties so much, they have brought more joy into our lives than anything ever before. I also believe that Sabrina chose me as her owner...When she was just a few days old, her eyes weren't even open yet...she looked up toward my face. After her eyes opened, she continuted to stare at my face. Even now, she still studies my face. It's so cute.

Dec 3 2002
My kitten was playing in my room the other day. I have a little circular plastic basket for dirty clothes with high sides, and it was empty. My kitten was in a duffel bad and she hopped into the air, her little bum popping up. it was so cool to watch because she flipped her legs and did it so smoothly. then in the basket she attacked her tail.

Dec 2 2002
Ashley from Indiana
My mom's cat, Lucifer, thinks we are his mother becuase his mommy kitty stopped feeding him to soon so at night he tries to get milk from us and we have the proof.........kitty hickies! Its cute as can be though.

Nov 30 2002
My calico kitten named Minnie who is seven months old now when I put feed in her pan she takes her paw and puts in my hand and like she is saying with her paw that is enough food in my pan I do not want any more food in my pan.

Nov 8 2002
cat lover
My youngest cat V is obsessed with water she loves to set on the side of the tub when I'm taking a bath and stick her paws in the water, and every morning when I'm getting ready for work I have to turn the faucet on so she can get a drink. Her new obsession is trying to flush the toilet. She's almost got it!

Oct 25 2002
vivian my cats name is cowboy he chases my feet. first he hides then when you don't expect it he pops out and chases you around the living room floor until he gets tired. the thing is you have to be careful if you wear a dress because he chases even faster with a dress on

Oct 24 2002
My cat loves to chase my lazer light from my lazer pen shes so cute and funny.My dad was messing with the lazer pen and put it on mums leg so my cat charlie got ready 2 pounce and clawed and bit my mums leg shes so funny but my mum dint mind because so luvs charlie loads and loads like me!!!!!

Oct 20 2002
It was my kittens first week at my house. I got her in the holidays. Anyway... on my first day back at school I had to leave her alone with my mum who hates cats. Because she wasn't watching Izzy(my kitten), Izzy started crawling along the top of the couch, my mum saw her shadow moving along and then it disappeared. Mum ran to the window which was next to the couch, looked down and Izzy was staring up at her meowing.

Oct 18 2002
my cat sox had kittens the other night every time she was due to have another she came upstairs and woke me up till she finished then let me rest when she had done it 3 times i took her and the kittens upstairs when i woke up at 8:00 we thought she had 3 kittens still but when we took her downstairs again we found out there was another one under her we have 2 white and two black and white she is so cute and so are her 4 kittens they are called snowtiger ,angel ,rolo ,isis the mum is called sox

Oct 11 2002
i have two cats who are brother tuxedos, pi and gatto. one time as i was preparing dinner i heard a strange noise. i turned round and saw that pi had climbed up the brick wall behind me. he looked at me a bit confused as his claws gripped into the brick and mortar. then he realised what he had done and let go. down to the ground he went.

Oct 7 2002
Amy Leona
About 4 years ago my sister and I were driving to her house in the country. We could see a little kitty cat on the side of the road. We couldn't just leave the poor little guy there! So I got out and got him, nursed him back to health and kept him. I named him Gargoil. My sister thought of the adorable name. He looked like a Gargoil when I first got him. Anyways, He's half persian. When he was a little baby kitty cat He would suck on my ears at when I'd go to bed for the night. He wouldn't stop it so I put him in the bathroom, right next to my bedroom. I lived in a trailer so the doors were about a inch too small on the bottom of the doors. So Gargoil would crawl underneath the door and come back and start sucking on my ear again. Silly kitty cat! He doesn't do that anymore, the sucking of the ear. ha ha ha

Oct 6 2002
Tara and Jessica
Our cat China-she's an Abysinian-has done a lot of crazy yet cute things. We have had her for a year and she still doesn't know her name unless we want to give her food. She never drinks water from her bowl. She waits for us to go to the bathroom so she can jump on the toilet so we can give her water from a bathroom cup. She also drinks from a cup on New Year's Day.

Oct 5 2002
My cat is named Greta. (it is a boy)He is an orange tabby, and he is the sweetist cat in the world. But he can get tempermental! If I laugh at anything he does he will hit me! My friends say they have never seen a cat like him. He is 6 years old(he will turn 7 in April) and is afraid of mice! Well, at least I don't have to worry about him getting my hamster!!

Oct 1 2002
My cat Riley is a boy. His birthday is August 11 and he is 11 years old.he is still a playfull cat and i love him. He is a Tabby cat.My cat loves to lay in the sun and loves to sleep on the couch.

Sep 29 2002
I would have to make a list of several pages on all the quirks my kitty Valiance (a DSH black & white) has. But, I'll list a couple of her best. She really loves to play 'hide & pounce' with me, her sister Dizzy (DSH Tortie), or her best friend Chaos ( husky mix). And she will find the most unique places to hide; an empty box, in closets, open cupboards, everywhere! She also has a real obesssion with this shiny necklace I gave her. She carries it around the house, and loves to play fetch with it for hours! She will bring it to me and meow LOUDLY until I throw it, then she happily chases after it & drags it back so proudly. Adorable-but annoying, being her favorite time to play is about 3:00 am. Sometimes I think she believes she is part dog, she sneaks pieces of dog food, plays with squeaky dog toys, and even growls at the neighbors. I never owned cats before her and Dizzy, and I never knew it could be so much fun,I laugh at something they do, everyday!

Sep 24 2002
My cat Quincy loves to sleep. I mean what cat does not love to sleep. Well the other day I was looking all over for him and he was not in any of his normally sleeping places. I looked for almost for about 15 min. Finally I sat down to think about where he could be, and when I sat down there was a loud meow. I stood up as fast as I sat down. I looked down at the couch and I say my cat stick his head out from the coushin and the back of the sofa. I started laughing and helped him out, and sat him down on the sofa, and he went back to where he was. I will never under stand him.

Sep 23 2002
my cats(maggy and sam;who is a female) are soo funny...maggys a calico who can't meow, just makes a funny almost hissing noise,and sam is a siamese tabby....she plays with a tinfoil ball and loves to squack at you..Maggy on the other hand is a curious little brat who loves getting into things...well she loves to play dead(i taught her how)I will hold her head and hind legs and hold her on her back..she just puts her hind legs up..and our dog bear(border collie) just gets jealous of all their attention...specially when mags used to jump on the table and drink outta the fish bowl,or cuddly in my brothers arm..or lick his armpit heehee it was funny

Sep 22 2002
I love my Ktiiy very much, he has been with me since i was 8 years old. And every night I will wait for him to come home so we can sleep together. So after 11 years of this routine he would sit and wait for me while I am finishing off my work, I would tell him to go to sleep and he will run back into our room, sit on the desk and wait until I get into my bed then snuggle into the blanket with me.

Sep 21 2002
My cat Lucy was the cutest and the goofiest cat you will ever see. She would lay on her back and stick up all 4 paws in the air. She'd lay like that all day!

Sep 21 2002
Kane Hampden
My kitty Dolly (10 mths old) would always play with you and lick you. This means that she wants to be friends with you. She then would start jumping up and down and doing rolly polly's and also flips of the kitchen table. My kitty is very intelligent and eats at the table with us with its own special treat. Somes she would act like an acrobat and go crazy over some string.

Sep 16 2002
My cat Sarah sometimes sits and watches me type at the computer and then jumps down and starts trying to catch the mouse.

Sep 13 2002
Bessie, my 3 year old tail-less Siamese (She lost it in an accident), likes to sit on the back of my chair after I get my hair colored, wrap her legs around my neck, and attempt to eat my hair.

Sep 12 2002
My Mom and Dad recently adopted a new one-year old gray kitty, named Jeffrey. Jeffrey will play fetch with whomever is interested. Mom has large plastic toy jacks that we toss across the room. He will pick it up in his mouth, carry it back and drop it in my hand for me to toss again. Identity crisis? He thinks he is a dog!

Sep 6 2002
One morning we woke up to a huge surprise our 5 month old kitten Baggins had trashed the house like a bunch of teenage boys would do to a house at a party. There was toliet paper all over. He had used the whole roll. That was the last night that we fell asleep with the bathroom door open. I found it quite funny!! :)

Aug 21 2002
M. G. Tommy
I had a gorgeous orange and white, long-haired tabby cat. I called him Scruffy. The name sure fit him! He used to love to go outside in the garden and play. He'd come back into the house with this long trail of weeds stuck to his fur. He was so cool. He'd play keep-away with a kitty rattle, and that cat would do flips, leaps, outrageous stunts, but always managed to swat the toy! I moved into a new house. The sellers had a gorgeous snowshoe siamese cat that they were just going to give to the pound. I said, Don't you dare! I'll take her. Shadow and Scruffy didn't get along too well. Unfortunately, Scruffy got out one day and hasn't been seen since. I still have Shadow and she is my baby. She's so cute when she just plops on my bed in the morning, then slowly creeps up to my face and gently nudges me with her paws, trying to wake me up. Cats rule!

Aug 20 2002
Nancy & Marc
Our cat, Jasper, likes to try to get in the cabinets around our house. We had to install child-safety gear so he couldn't (bug killer, etc.). Anyway, one morning the bathroom cabinet was open under the sink. Jasper climbed in there, so I tried dragging him out but he held on to a pipe under the sink with his two front paws! He's a hoot.

Aug 14 2002
Our kitty Nieve-Sol is a darling. One cute thing he did was follow a lady bug around who had gotten into our living room. Somehow, the ladybug landed right on his little nose. He stood on his hind legs and crossed his eyes at it. He was absolutely frozen with fear or excitement-we are not sure which one. He styaed completely still until it was gone.

Aug 10 2002
My dad has always liked cats but now that he is 55, I think he has become a cat magnet. Our cat, SoftGreyKitty, follows him everywhere and once while dad was sitting outside, SGK climbed in his lap and started grooming his beard like he was her kitten. She falls asleep on him every chance she gets and gets upset if other cats want to get near him.

Aug 6 2002
my kitty's name is rolo because she looks like Rolo ice cream. she is almost a year old now and she plays hide and seek with me. i hide around the corner of my kitchen then i run out at her and she jumps and attacks my legs. she is so cute. and i want to shout-out to my cat tootsie, who died one year ago and tiger who just recently passed away.

Aug 6 2002
When my Aunt moved to NYC, she left me her 19 year old cat Salem. He was black and white and deaf. He used to sit up on the dining room table and my dachshund Beatrix would have a fit and start barking at him. It was funny to watch because it would drive her crazy that he would't react to it. Salem died July 16, 1999.

Aug 2 2002
I just got my cat, Merton, 3 days ago when my mom went outside for her walk and it followed her in. What's special about him is that he is exactly like the person he was named after (merton j. dingle from big wolf on campus), plus she drops her cat food intentionaly in my turtle's tank to feed her.

Jul 21 2002
My kitten Mickey finds our hamsters when they get out. But he dosen't eat them. One time he pushed the hamster back into our bedroom and he woudn't let it back out of the room until we found him with the hamster. Another time he picked the hamster up and carried to our mom. Then he dropped it at her feet.

Jul 21 2002
When we got my new kitten, Majestic (Magic) we alwayz put him around my 1 Chauau (minuto) and now the kitten loves him! When i turn around just 4 a minute i found out that Magic is play'n with Minuto's toys, or eating a bone... now he even wants 2 follow him outside! its so cute! (too bad 4 magic but he has 2 be indoor cuz hez a Blue Point Himalayan)

Jul 20 2002
My cat's name is Butch. He's about 5-years-old and we have one of those little foam basketballs that I got for my B-day. I have him sit which I taught him to do as if he were a dog. I then step away from him and I toss the ball high and right above him. He leaps into the air about 2 feet and catches it in his paws like a dog would catch a ball in his mouth then brings it back to me so we could do it again sort of like a game of catch. COOL!!!!

Jul 17 2002
We got a beautiful Maine coon cat last Christmas and named her Bella. She thinks she's a dog. She has a stuffed toy she attacks and kicks with her back paws. Then she carries it over to us as if it was a present. She also follows us all over the house. She's a big cat, but she still thinks she's a kitten and tries to curl up on our chests like she did when she was a baby.

Jul 11 2002
My li'l Lilah kitty would sleep in one of the potted plants we used to have. She would curl up in the pot around the plant and just sleep there. What a cutie!

Jul 3 2002
My boyfriend, Brian, wrote in to tell about Jamy, and I wanted to tell what a good daddy he is to her, too! We got Jamy when she was barely 3 weeks old, and had to bottle feed her, as well as mimic things a mother cat would do, like cleaning, helping her pee and even humming with her against our throats to replicate a mother's purr. At first Jamy was very playful with Brian, and would only wrestle with him or swat at his hands. Now, Jamy is VERY much a daddy's girl and always runs to greet him and give him a kiss when Brian returns from work or being away for a while. She is very lucky to have two parents who love her so much :)

Jul 3 2002
My girlfriend Raechel has a white and orange cat named Jamy. Jamy's mother was hit by a car when she was very young, so Raechel adopted her and taught her how to be a kitty. In addition, Jamy learned lots of people tricks by watching us throughout the day. Jamy, as a result, kisses people, holds hand, happily rides in the car and stands on her hind legs. She rules.

Jul 2 2002
My cat is named leo and we got him from the animal shelter and he is a very big boy.Well anyways he is so funny everytime i do the dishes he always watches me.And one time he was leaning over so close that he fell in the sink and got water everywhere!!!He doesn't watch anymore!

Jul 1 2002
hi myn name is sophie and i have got an adorable little kitten called moggy she is a siamies and she is probably the funiest cat ever. when i am sitting on the sofa quietly watching tv suddenly it sounds like 1000 people are comeind down the stairs but moments later i see it was moggy the after that she jumps on the sofa and behind me she crawls into the curtain, once she is in she starts to climb up on our mosquito net trying to look out the very top of the window. another funny thing is that she crawls into my bags and when i go near MY bage she bites me as if telling me to back aways so she can have a fun time ruining my homework i have to do!!!

Jun 30 2002
my kitten is very cute (well, actually she's 3). Last night she came inside with a twisted spiderweb on her.She is also very mischevous!She can sneak outside without us knowing! Most kids in my class hate cats, but I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE them!

Jun 26 2002
I just got a new kitten ,her name is Fluffy , sometimes when we are eating and we put down our hands and call her she comes and stands up

Jun 16 2002
Kellie J
Well, It started at noon when my female kitty had kittens. My dog was laying down on the floor. One of the kittens went up to her and tryed to nurese. But my female dog can't help. Then when momma kitty came and took over her job the dog also watched the kittens while mom sleeps and it was cute.

Jun 14 2002
One day I was in the house relaxing...I lived in the desert and my cats were always hunting ground squirrels. Well I heard this blood-curdling howl from my cat and went out to see what it was and he was stuck, on a nail, that was sticking out of my his top eye-lid! I know that doesn't sound funny, but after I freed him (with some scratches to me) he wasn't harmed at all just very shook up and we laughed at him and he hid from embarressment.

Jun 10 2002
My cat Ruby Tuesday sits in front of the computer monitor while im typing and trys to get teh letters as they go across, or while im online, she sits there and bats her paws at anything that moves or pops up on the screen. she is a tortoisshell and she has extra toes. she is the cutest

Jun 3 2002
Every morning when im walking to my bus stop to go to school Bertie(my cat) follows me all the way.He then sits by my bus stop and waits untill i go on the bus and then goes back home again!

May 23 2002
My calico kitten, Weezer, is crazy. She lays on the pillow next to mine and tries to nip at my eyelashes. It is annoying in the middle of the night, but it is pretty funny. She does it very gently, so you can tell she is not trying to hurt me. I guess she just likes the fluttering lashes. Weezer the weird!!!!!

May 21 2002
My cat sylvester was sleeping on my bed and then she slid onto the floor!! Ha HA!!! She was looking around like You didn't see anything!!! She is SOOOOO cute

May 11 2002
Every time my Mom puts down a store bag Misti my cat runs into the bag and lays in it. When we try to get him out he runs around with it on!

May 10 2002
If I lay down on the couch and say mommy's in the position, one of my cats called Blackie jumps up on me and suckles my ears for about 20 minutes.

May 7 2002
My family and I were in the middle of an important family discussion when we heard this terrible racket, it appears my cat Shadow had crawled into a plastic grocery bag and was terrified running back & forth bumping into walls, in the end I was the only one she trusted enough to take it off of her!

May 7 2002
We got our baby cousin a piano that looks real but plays more like bells than a piano, of couse Shadow wanted to check it out so she stood on her hind legs and struck a key with one paw,ran from the sound and came back a couple seconds later. Then she had all of our attention, we watched as she crept up to the piano suspiciously and this time used both paws and started banging away, it wasn't a masterpiece but it was cute.

May 5 2002
My cat Chloe who is a Makerel tabby likes to go by our chickens and play around there, one day she went there by herself and watched the samllest of my bantam hens,Charms the bantam was about 8 inches tall and was a very shy hen, Chloe, being so mischivous tried to bat at her tail, but sure enough Chloe was chased by this small waddling creature, it was funny and no pets were harmed, they just got tired and stopped charms now likes to play outside with chloe and they dont chase each other unless its for fun!

May 5 2002
I have two cats; a grandfather cat named Rolly and his granddaughter kitty named meimei. I dont know of too many cats that do what mine do. Rolly mothers a stuffed cow and meimei mothers a stuffed bunny. The other day, I saw meimei cleaning Rolly's head and behind his ears..kind of reminding him even though he is 5, to keep clean!!

May 3 2002
My kitten, Kodak was my best friend from day 1. I got him when he was 2 days old, he was found under an old shed. It was obvious that my little 'kooder' was the runt as he never grew too much. His name came from his black and white coat. Wherever I went he followed! He even tried to get on the bus with me one day. Kodak was crazy the entire neighbourhood loved him. If I went for a hike in the trails near my house Kodak was right beside me, if I had a shower he was under the water, he often fell into the dish water becasue he was trying to steal my dish cloth! Anyhow, I love him dearly... Kodak died October 31, 2000. He truly was a sweetie!

May 2 2002
Alysson Wright
Hi. I have 3 cats and two dogs. My kitten Daisy (who is pregnate) loves to eat ice my friend and I were pigging out on some ice cream (out of the carton)and suddenly my cat jumps up on the table. Staring at the ice cream she starts licking it off the spoon that is in Emily's hand. So of course I thought it was the cutest thing.I ran and grabbed the camra, when I came back I find the two of them licking off the same now we have the cutest pictures for a Yarnell's camercial.

May 2 2002
I have a cat...nay...a prince...whom I have had since his birth. When he was born, I had originally named him Ziggy. He was this adorable gray fuzzy puff ball, his neck barely able to support his head, he was so tiny. Unfortunately, that did not last long. As his girth grew and grew, his name changed. He is now affectionately known as Pudgie, and also as Tons of Fun. He is a Semi-long haired cat, gray with white feet and a white chest. I have put child proof locks on the cabinets because he is a food theif. But this does not keep this Houdini out of the bread,crackers and Little Debbi snack cakes, oh no! Not this big bohemeth. He is 18 lbs of pure fluff and fun, and I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world!

Apr 27 2002
Radawn aka Kitten =c)
I have 3 cats Prissy(f)Scratch(m)Sassy(-f)well anyway..scratch loves to look at his self in the mirror. It sounds like hes going meow im sexy meow then theres sassy the baby..One time she was sitting on the couch and there was a moth flying around the she jumped up and did a back flip in the air trying to get the moth. Then theres Prissy my baby(big fat fluffy patched kitty w/ blue eyes) Well she thinks she is the greatest thing alive. she walks around with her tail up in the air, and one time she was walking by Sassy with her tail up and sassy decided to show her she wasnt all that so she bit Prissy's tail needless to say that was a bad idea...Prissy done a little flip in the air and bit sassy on the nose put her tail back in the air and walked right over was the cutest thing ever....I guess Prissy showed her huh? hehe

Apr 22 2002
My kittens name is Prince Hamlet(Nickname Prince) He's Half Siamese but he looks exactly like a full blooded Siamese. He is so cute!!!He has a bit of light colored tabby stripes on him though, but that just makes him more uniqe and buetiful.

Apr 12 2002
While living at my parents farm,Ginger ( a mother cat) took her kittens out for a stroll & let them come back on their own..(this is very common for outdoor farm cats)..after 2 days when the kittens weren't back, I got worried.. so I talked alot to Ginger & asked her to please bring her kittens home..or if she could just please bring one kitten home for me.... Later that evening, she was meowing by the front door so loudly I went out to see --& there she was with one of her little kittens-just for me. I nicknamed him my Angel ( because he was mostly white). His real name is Kalem. He is sooo cute!! And he is now 4 years old. ( I really do think Ginger understood English !!!)

Apr 12 2002
My kitty, Abishag, is a year and half old and I'm very excited. Just yesterday she finally learned to fetch. I throw her little mouse to one end of the room and she runs and gets it and then brings it back and drops it in front of me. She is so cute.

Apr 11 2002
My cat's name is Whiskers. I've had for 5 years now, and in all the years I've had her she's never been very playful until now. The other day I saw her chasing leaves all around the front yard! Jumping and twirling around like no tomorrow. She's never even chased a mouse let a-alone chase leaves!

Mar 25 2002
hi,im 16 i live on a farm in NE i have stormy a horse, and 2 dogs lucky and daisy and 25 cats n litter just born 2day i love each and every 1 of them any way the story is of winky a male he was birthday present from my brother he came from the humane society weve had winky about 7 years we had him then we got a mother and kittens from some 1 and soon 25 come from them winky likes to go on our roof its so cute its like his fav spot he`ll hide up there and stuff no other cat i have goes up there if u wanna know my cats names they are winky,syrup,binx,mickey,n-ala,ashes,ashley,candy,mo-nica,princess,sheba,cally-,milo,zoe,whiskas,snicker-s,felix,jake,tigger,jazmi-ne,roxy,winkette,sampson,-britney,b.t plus 2 new litters and counting. i love pets all live outside and are healhy and all my pets are a big part of my life,.Their farm cats but are all tame and well taken care of and sweet they all have their own personality.bye!

Mar 25 2002
I have five cats at my mom's house. One time when I was watering the plants my cat Pikachu came over and started to drink the water from the watering can. It was like a water fountain to him and I poured it on him and he didn't care. My cat truly loved the water. One time he even jumped into the hot tub. He got so wet we dried him off with a towel.

Mar 15 2002
Experts say squirting your kitty with water from a squirt bottle will teach it not to go on countertops, tables, etc. However, my very smart and temperamental female found a way around that. When we would leave, she would bite the spray bottles and puncture them. We would come home to water bottles on the floor, in a puddle of water, with tiny little puncture holes in them. Who says kitties are not smart & sneaky?

Mar 14 2002
well, we have a iron board to lay your clothes and what my cat does is he jumps on the board and just lyes there till you scare him

Mar 13 2002
I used to have a kitten named Patches. SHE would almost always run into our mirror by the door and everyone would laugh and then shed look at me with a look that said hey! who did that??and that would make me laugh even harder!Unfortunately she died last year:'(!but before she died she had two male kittens(Sox and Patches the 2nd)who are my pride and joys!i also have 10 other cats but its only because my brother's cat Amy and her daughter Sammy just had kittens who are sooooooo cute!!and they always run into things like walls!!LOL or if yopu make a hissing noise they like totally flip out!!!LOL

Mar 12 2002
We have three cats and a dog--all rescue animals. My youngest cat, a tabby, sounds like Chewbacca when he meows. I speak to him, and he replies like Chewbacca. His name is Smoky T, but sometimes I call him Chewie or Curious George. My other cats are Dandelion--a dignified older tabby, and Goldenrod--a yellow and white shorthair. Petra, my dog, is a mostly-Doberman. Life is always fun in our house!

Mar 8 2002
I adopted Snickers from our local shelter about 18 months ago. He is now a big 15 pd. kitty. This week as I opened my corner Curio to take something out, Snickers got inside unbeknownst to me. About 30 min. later as I was leaving for work I walked by and he was just sitting in there looking out as if he were on display. Not perturbed at all.

Mar 8 2002
My sister Brittany bought my cat Booger a catnip ball on a string. One day he was playing with it and got it tangled all around him and fell asleep that way lying in the floor. My mom took a picture of him.

Mar 7 2002
One time when i was watching tgif on friday babysitter kim had made us popcorn i wanted to watch tgif upstairs because that is where her cat Belle was kim was calling me and so i put my popcorn on the bed when i came back Belle was eating the popcorn.i didn't evan get a crum!!!!!!!

Mar 5 2002
=^..^= $I have a friend and her cat, brandy, likes to eat twenty dollar bills! No other money just twentys! Brandy was rescued from an abusive home and taken to a shelter, wich is where my friend got her! :)

Mar 5 2002
My old cat, Cuty Kitty, was very smart. He would always open the door by sticking his paw under and prying it open. One time, he couldn't get it open, so he jumped up and tried to turn the handle. My other cat, Logan, isn't quite as smart. If you open the door 3 inches, enough for him to easily stick his paw through to pull it open, he sits there and waits for you to open it the rest of the way!

Mar 2 2002
Sophie Johnson
I have 2 adorable persian cats called Winston and Otis. Otis is a Houdini of the cat world. As they are indoor cats we let them out every so often but otis has a tendency to rip holes in the netting and run off and 2 hours later he would cry at the door for food. So we put a metal gate up with large but not sharp spikes on but still one day he opened the latch and got out but forgot how to get back in it was hilarious he came in like a drowned rat!!!

Feb 23 2002
I had a little kitten right before 5th grade. And that kitty was a really cool kitty. His name was Bob, we (Me and my Mom) found him on the street before we went to the store. We had him for about a month, and he used to jump on hand, claw into them (not that hard though) and push away with his footpaws. But sadly, he was killed by wolf-dogs. He died the day he was gonna go to the vet for shots, he was attacked the night before. He died 7:18 AM on August 27, 1999.

Feb 19 2002
Another Pink anecdote: she loved to sleep in my bed, and would get right in under the covers with me, and put her head on the pillow beside mine! She was absolutely convinced she was a person (or maybe she thought I was a weird, bald, overgrown cat)

Feb 19 2002
My Siamese red-point, Pink, was the runt of the litter. She was half the size of her brothers and sisters, so even at 3 months she was small enough to sleep curled up in my fur slipper! She was about two months old when, one night when I had stayed up very late, I heard strange rustling noises in the long corridor outside my room. Suddenly the door was pushed open, and in came Pink, backwards, and dragging the bag of cat food which was at least 6 times her size! She had obviously run out of food, and was giving me a very obvious hint! She always hated to see the bottom of her food bowl -whenever that happened she would become very vocal and not give up until I refilled it and covered up the offending bottom. Pink died last year, and I miss her terribly.

Feb 17 2002
Well my neighborhood is a cat's neighborhood. Practically everyone has a cat or 2. Well... my kitty, Minky, who is an outdoor cat was just relaxing out on the sun when suddenly a white cat appeared. She was soo beautiful, she had a crown shaped birth mark on her forehead. Then another cat came who was orange and then another tabby cat. It was adorable!! Minky was in the Middle of this whole Group as if he was the boss! HE WAS SOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 17 2002
My cat Simba is a very curoius little cat as most of cats are. I was just laying down and reading when all of a sudden Simba jumps up and tries to turn off the lights. He does it again and agaiN! IT WAS THE CUTEST THING!!!! He was sooo cute.... He probably thought it was a bug or something but it was sooo cute!

Feb 17 2002
My 4 yr. old seal point Birman, Smooch, loves to lounge on me. She will place her head and paws on my shoulder and wants her rear supported with one of my arms. She then purrs very loudly...especially if I use my unused hand to stroke her from head to tail. She also chases the mouse on the computer screen, attacks the paper coming out of the printer, and loves to lay on top of the monitor while switching her tail in front so I have to move it to see!

Feb 14 2002
My cat Myron does alot of funny things. 1. He gets up onto the counter and drinks from the faucet. 2. Eats bugs-when we first got him there was a tiny spider in a web and Myron goes by in and all the sudden i hear crunching and the spider is gone. 3. On cold days my cats sits on the rug and then he gets up and he chases his tail. One time when he was chasing his tail he caught in and started biting it and he rolled over and started tackling with it.

Feb 12 2002
Hi, my name is Monique. I am 11 years old. I have the cutest cat named Daisy. When my family and I was having cake for my dad's birthday, she slowly and cautously climbed the dinner chair and looked over her shoulder to see what we were eating! She was so cute!!

Feb 6 2002
I have a cat and her name is Minina, she is like the cutest cat she is an Angora, white with blue eyes. Well she once had kitties and one of her older kittens had some too her name is Karina. Well this one morning two big dogs came in our drive way and right away Minina faught the two dogs and scared them away while the Kariana laid on top of all the kitties and protected them. I thought that was like so, so, cute I could never for get that day. The way they defended their babies is just WOW!!! I love them they are my babies.

Feb 5 2002
one day i picked my cat tigger up and he suddenly rapped is paws around me and i thouhgt ohhh how cute

Jan 30 2002
Tricia J.
We have 2 cats, Tigris & Toby. We've had Tigris for awhile and she seems like a normal cat...but Toby on the other hand is a different story. When we first got him he use to run into walls head first then run back and do it again! Anyway, the other day I was taking a shower and I had the curtain closed. Well Toby just happen to be in the bathroom at the time and he was dying to see what I was doing behind that he decided to just jump right in the shower with me!!!

Jan 28 2002
We have an 8 month old kitty named Paq. A few days ago, we were watching tv, when Paq jumped up behind my husband's head on the couch. He placed both paws around his head and proceeded to lick ALL of the hair gel off of his hair! It was hilarious.

Jan 22 2002
We have 2 cats, Mister & Nala. Mister is, well, they say he was dropped on his head at birth, but he is the sweetest cat you could ask for! And Nala, I think she is a little upset that she never got kittens of her own, so she is always taking socks, bra's or under pants to sleep with. Clean or dirty, it doesn't matter. You'll be supprised where you find them! She also hates the rain, so if she needs to do her business, she will go in the bathtub so we can conviniently wash it away! How thoughtful :)

Jan 21 2002
Mr. Action Express
My cat Puddy is sooo cute! Whenever I brush my teeth, he hops up on the sink and I turn the faucet way way down and he stays there for like 2 minutes drinking water...LOL!

Jan 21 2002
My kitty Mieko Does a backfilp in the air when i hold a string above his head!

Jan 21 2002
We have a four month old curious (What-is-it? What-is-it? I've-to-see-it!) cat. One day he jumped into the fridge and all my little niece said was: You might freeze - come out

Jan 20 2002
One christmas my cat(kitten)Smokey climbed our christmas tree and got stuk! We had to get her out. Now she's 6 and not a kitten anymore,BUT I STILL LOVE HER A LOT!

Jan 18 2002
My cat,Oreo, is SO cute. One day I was using the restroom and Oreo wnated me attention so bad. so he started jumping on the toilet seat to see what i was up to and right when I was flushing he accidently fell in. Oh my gosh! I hated giving hima bath that time!!!

Jan 12 2002
My cat Hershey was outside with my doggie Goldie. It was cold outside so my cat and dog were curled up in a ball right next to each other on the porch.

Jan 11 2002
My cat Rolo was in the bathroom one day and almost fell down the toilet !!! If that wasn't enough he then slipped on the bath and fell butt first in the water!!! My brother, Ash was in the bath as well !!!

Jan 6 2002
Silver the Wolf ^_^
My cat is a red-tabby/maine coon mix. He is around six years old and his name is Ajax, after the Greek hero. He has a bad habit-- if you make him mad while he's laying on his back, he'll kick himself in the chin with his hind-paws! It's really funny, but we feel really sorry for him because he's TRYING to show us that he's mad. ;)

Dec 31 2001
Tracy & Tony, MI
Our cats Freddie, Daphne and Nala love to take showers with us. Every morning they line up at the ledge of the bathtub ready to get wet. Freddie likes to take one every day whereas the girls prefer every now and then. Silly kitties...who knew they liked to get wet? I thought it was the total opposite.

Dec 30 2001
Kate,Amanda,Skylar and Jessie
My cat is the most best looking thing in the world!!!She is 1 half,her name is Jade she is all black and is really loving and careing But she hates my little dog Lucy(witch is a Beagle) and loves my big dog Creed(witch is a Rottweiler)!! But I love all three of them!!!

Dec 29 2001
My cats are so totally the best.I have 3 beautiful cats.All my cats were rescues.My oldest is Mitzy she is about 17 and she loves to chase her tail and sleep.My second oldest is 15 and his name is Cashmere or we call him cashy for short and he likes to eat and eat and eat and beating up dogs.My youngest is 2 and his name is Timmy or we also call him Tim Bits,Bits n Bites,Tim,Bits,Bit Nits,Crazy Mofo,Bitties,Bitters,and any thing else that comes to mind.I love them also so much.

Dec 26 2001
My cat Whispurr drinks water out of the bathtub, sink, and fishtank but not out of his bowl. He will eat anything. Macaroni and cheese, lettuce, onions, pizza. When he wants to go outside, he'll rip up the carpet by the back door. He is sooooooooooooooooooooo cute.

Dec 24 2001
=^..^= J =^..^=
My kitty is the cutest..when I'm on the computer she just has to join me..I can't even type because she lays all over my arms. Her paws are sprawled all over the keyboard and she purrs endlessly.

Dec 23 2001
We have 2 cats, bonzo, and rugrat. both cats turn their noses up at water or milk in a bowl and prefere to drink water direct from the tap or out of the washing up bowl or out of a saucepan, in fact out of any thing that doesnt belong on the floor. they also guard the chicken and turkey that we have for dinner very well, they both sit either side, while the poultry is defrosting and dont take a sniff or bite, until they are given it.

Dec 23 2001
My cat,Gray, is so funny. He acts like a mother cat. He will follow kittens around and when he catches up with them...HE GIVES THE KITTENS A BATH!!! My cat is silly and spoiled,too. He will let you surround him with toys and put the toys on him!!!!

Dec 23 2001
My cat, Gracie, has an obsession with being neat and clean when she eats her food. We always need to have a napkin next to her food dish because everytime she is done eating she wipes her paws on the napkin and then neatly sets it on top of her dish!! It's just too cute! There's soo many other funny things she does, but this one is the funniest!

Dec 21 2001
Janine from Columbus OH
I have two cats, Josephine and Auxana. I adopted Jo Jo from a foster home, seven years ago. She is a very strange cream color. Jo Jo can do tricks. She can sit pretty (I don't like to call it begging, cats don't beg). One day I was leaving for work and I felt really bad about leaving Jo Jo all alone. I thought it would be a good idea to get a playmate for her. Low and behold as I walked out the door, a little kitten ran up to me. I named her Auxana. She has to be sent from heaven cause it was to much of a coincidence she showed up at my door. The Girls (as I like to call them) are my pride and joy.

Dec 16 2001
My cat Missy is really good when it comes to not jumping up on the kitchen counter, but when I'm dishing out her special soft food into a bowl, she gets excited & she climbs up the drwer handles on the cabenate like a lader & just peakes onto the counter & watches me! It is so cute!!! =^..^=

Dec 12 2001
Thank you for article about heartworm. My precious Milo was found dead. No known cause. I will check this out for all my animals. It has given me some ideas about Milo's sudden death.

Dec 9 2001
one day I was in th bath when my cat Topic jumped on the windowsil and knocked a basket down full of soap and then HE fell and landed in the bath!! when i got out i had to sit down on the sofa and towel dry him for hours!!!!!

Dec 7 2001
I don't know how to sent photos since I'm new to the computer world, but I will tell you about my cats William. He passed away may of this year. He used to terrorize my ex-husband. One time in our old home, we had a mouse in it. For awhile he kept trying to catch it (wiiliam). Finally he caught it, then did the cat thing(killed it). Then quietly crept into my bedroom and dropped the mouse into my husband(my ex now) mouth when he was snoring!!! That cat never liked my ex-husband!!!He was a bundle of laughs!!!!

Nov 25 2001
I found my kitty when she was only a day old. We named her Cloee. Now she is five months old. When we play-fight with her, when she gets really excited, she jumps and does flips in the air. It is so adorable. She is white and pretty, and she does flips, and we wuv her vehwy much!!

Nov 25 2001
My cat was a stray. I rescued him from the cold rainy outside. He is black and white, and so cute! I have a dog and my cat loves to get on her nerves! When my dog goes to get her ball my cat jumps on her back and my dog pins him down. (they don't hurt eachother)! My cat loves to hide away in weird places like: my book bag, under the blankets, and he loves to drink from the bath tub.

Nov 22 2001
my cat loves playing with pieces of paper, when i am doing my homework he always comes and fights with it

Nov 22 2001
I have a cat called 'Jack' he is so cute, he had a fight with a dog and they both hissed and growled at one and other but the funny thing is they are now bestest buddies!it just shows dogs do not always chase cats!!!

Nov 13 2001
I have a cat Rex, (named coz it means king in latin). Rex is incredibly intelligent, like most cats! and i managed to teach him tricks. He can paw, fetch, beg and sit! He is so cute. He looks like Felix off the telly!!

Nov 11 2001
When I got my first kitten,she took up the habbit of sucking on my ear, like she was nursing, as she was kneading her paws in me. It was totally adorable, Now she is 2 and still does it.It is a little more painful.But it makes us so close. (yuk)

Nov 4 2001
my cat Whiskers, likes to sleep in the bathroom sink, and her other favourite place is my husband's pillow, she gets on on pushes his head wih her back paws until he is no longer on it! very cute

Nov 4 2001
My cat Tamson brings me a dirty sock every evening as a present. We are always SO grateful (we dont wanna hurt her feelings).

Oct 17 2001
i have 12 cats and they are not eveb easy to handle. One is a cute man but he is urinating on furniture but he is my lovely pussycat and there he is allowed to do that. I can`t do anything against that or What do you mean. I have done all i know but he is doing that further .Excuse my bad english i am from Europa

Oct 3 2001
Well I have 3 cats! Stitch-face,smokey, and Angie. Well before all these cats I have now, I had 2 other ones and there names were Booger, and Barney and what booger use to do before he died was when ever you would pick him up he would wrap his arms around your neck and inbrace you with a hug and he wouldn't let you go like he would hang if he had to. And my cat Barney use to talk to the birds. Now my 6 month kitten Stitch-Face He is a spaz he loves cat-nip and and when we pull out the cat nip like 10 meters away from him all you've got to do is keep an eye on him and he stands up like a wiezzle and sniffs the air. Smokey he's just a fat tub-of-lard he's funny when he runs his belly flops from side to side. Angie... Oh gosh she's classic, She loves my brother and when he pats the top of her bum she makes a wierd noise it goes something like (reh reh) haa haa haa!! I love my cats and they are really great company when you really need them to be!

Sep 21 2001
Had to add one more thing. My fav. girl kitty, Baby, (MOMMY) is a Calico. She chose me -- at the pet store, I was looking at her and her bro. Her bro cried and cried when I held him, but when I touched her, she looked me in the eyes, winked, and clawed her way to the top of my head. Needless to say, she fell asleep right then and there, and I took her home and have loved her ever since. . . .

Sep 21 2001
8 cats in one house! Who would have known. Two adults, the proud parents of six babies, only 5 weeks old tomorrow. Names: Adults: (Dad): Lucky. (Mom): Baby. Kiddies: Brownie, Blackie, Loukie, Mau Mau, Slash, and Tiny. :D

Sep 9 2001
We Angevine's have 2 very sweet and lovable wittle kitties! Miss Kitty is a Princess!!! She is also a beggar for ANYTHING we eat. Miles, on the other hand, we found eating in our garbage can outside. He is the most loving little sweetie-boy in the world!!! Miss Kitty is a medium-sized grey tabby girlie. Miles (or MILO) is a long-haired orange and white boy!!!

Aug 30 2001
Sometimes my cat marshmallow would climb on my doll bed and sleep on her back. And one time I got a picture of her sitting in my doll rockingchair

Aug 30 2001
My cat baby would climb on our wood and on to the top of our house to get the most amount of sunlight. sometimes my other cats would come and join her.

Aug 12 2001
When my cat Cerridwen was a small kitten, she used to hide underneath the bed and wait for someones feet to get near. When she spotted a few toes, she would stretch out her front paws from underneath, dig her nails into the carpet, and drag them slowly back under the bed. It was the scariest thing when you woke up in the morning!

Aug 10 2001
My cat ditto likes to groom my hair after I've washed it. I sit on the edge of the bed trying to dress for the day and she jumps to my sholders and starts in with the soft bite and pulling the tangles out. I've never seen anything like it! She's so serious about fixing my hair that it's very funny. Love her.

Aug 5 2001
We take our cat Bernice to different places. When she is tired she jumps in her litter box and lays down.We even have a bed for her!But she likes her litter box better.

Aug 2 2001
My cat Sylvester is the most funnest thing I ever seen. He loves those little balls with the bell inside, you have to throw it, he will run after it and bring it back to you. Oh I swear when he's meowing, he's saying hello, just say it out loud with a long drag on it. I love my pretty boy

Aug 1 2001
My cat Josie was so cute. She would follow me around like a dog. The neighbors really thought she was one. She would get in the bathtub and drink from a little dish in there sometimes. Then she would sit behind me or my mom when we were on the computer. Sadly, she was run over a few months ago. But I still love her. She was named after Josie of Josie and the Pussycats.

Jul 30 2001
I have a kitten named Eli. He's so cute. He has toy balls that he loves to play fetch with. I've never seen a cat fetch toys before! He also carries around stuffed animals in his mouth the size of him! He's my best friend and great company!!!!

Jul 27 2001
My husband is notorious for leaving the last little bit of his cup of tea in the bottom of the mug. My Ophelia sits up on the table dipping her paw in the cup (she can't fit her head in LOL) and licking the tea off her paw. She does this until there is no more left (or someone catches her!). I'm seriously considering making her a cup for herself when I make mine in the mornings :D

Jul 26 2001
Our cat, Jasmine, is crazy over all of her toys and some of the other toys around the house. We have two rabbits feet keychains that my cat absolutely adores! When we came home with the rabbits feet she saw them and went crazy.She got a hold of them and now whenever we try to take them away from her she goes nuts and I bet that we never will get it again!My mom says she's more like a human then a cat.

Jul 26 2001
We have 2 horizontal beams holding up our roof.My cat, Logi Bogi, likes to jump up on those beams. One time, while we were eating, he jumped across from one beam to the other! It was so cute!

Jul 25 2001
Anthony and Kwizzy
We have two baby-loves! There's Angel, my biggie boy and Sasha, the little princess buttercup(da-da's girlie). Tony is sooo funny and has a million nicknames for them. Angel has names like Woogle-Doggies-he has more but I'll remember them in the shower tonight when I sing to them sitting patiently beside the tubby. Now Sasha has a LOT of nicknames like weegle-beegles, Lilla wee-doo, Ma-sasha, Wee-doozie, and I KNOW there's more. The best thing is when Angel sleeps HOLDING ME!! I swear, arms and paw reaching around my back! Also, Sasha can do a back-bend! Its CRAZY!!! We LOVE our kitties and all the strays in our neighborhood in Jersey City Heights sooooo much!

Jul 21 2001
My Burmese cat Ezri is very good at retrieving like a dog. She never tires of playing like this. The only problem is that she brings her toys on to the bed at 4 o'clock in the morning to play. Then if I throw the toys off the bed to get rid of her - she just fetches them and brings them back on to the bed. (Sigh) I end up having to confiscate the offending toys and hide them under my pillow! :)

Jul 16 2001
my cat sassy likes to chase my feet alot and she some times thinks she is a dog because she fetchs her toys for me and my husband every time we toss it to her. but the most interresting thing about sassy is she is very protective of me and my husband.

Jul 16 2001
My cat is a 1 year old domestic black haired female cat. Named Nala (we have two cats simba and nala,lol) she enjoys watching other cats outside but hisses if they get too close. LOL! she likes to hide in boxes,and if u peek ur head inside the box she tries to attack your head. She likes to play fetch with her little red mousie toy. She could play for hours! but sometimes she drops it short and lies on it as if to say,Pshew,I'm done! And one more thing, she LOVES to chase her tail. AROUND and AROUND and AROUND!!!!!! OYE!!!

Jul 9 2001
People think my cats' names are strange. I explain that ever since childhood I have been interested in Ancient Egypt. As you know, they worshipped cats, so, accordingly, my 3 [female] cats are named: ISIS- named after the most important goddess in Ancient Egyptian mythology. Married to her brother Osiris, she was The Mother of all Things, The Lady of all the Elements, and The Beginning of all Time. She was a great Enchantress, whose power transcended that of all other deities, including Anubis (the God of Death)- even that of the Sun-God himself! PASHT- named after a cat deity of Northern Egypt. MA'AT- named after a cat goddess who was considered the personification of Truth and Cosmic Order.

Jul 8 2001
my cat smokey is the most human cat i have ever seen when your eating he'll just stare at you! he loves to be petted and when you pick him up he'll growl like to be saying please put me down! he used to be an outside cat so now he wakes up at 3:00 in the morning and he wakes me up to play with him! and then he sleeps all day! but i still love him.

Jun 27 2001
i have a cat called Britney she is very cute she love to rolled in the snow outside.Brithey also love to play with her friend Frosty which is my dog at home.They are very good friend.The thing they love to do most together is playing catchball.Both of them is my best friends ever.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 24 2001
I have two cats, their name is freak and Sassy. I must say that they are such a funny pets they get crazy when they see HAM. They love it!!, Sassy is Freak's mum and they like play between them!! Sassy runs everywhere like a crazy cat! and she loves tasing me!! I love them!

Jun 23 2001
I have two cats named Lily and Violet.They are sisters. They both are calico and really love each other, but Lily is always stealing Violet's food.Now Lily is slightly overweight and Violet is very tiny. Violet can fit in to small places because of her size. Once I couldn't find her.I looked all over. After looking all over my house I went into my attic and heard something moving in one of the boxes. I opened the box, and Violet was inside it, snug as a bug.My cats always get into weird places, but I still love them!

Jun 20 2001
Steve H.
I have a cat that I call Pikachu because his tail is crooked just like the mom. My cat is two years old and he is very adorable and fat but when I came home from Mexico he was very skinny. My cat got very skinny because he missed me a lot.

Jun 20 2001
My 8 month old kitten, misty was playing w/ a stoffed cow w/ catnip inside. she was upstairs and we have a balcony and she was playing there and i was right below in the kitchen and all aof a sudden i happened to glance over and this little cow fell off so i was gonna go through it back up and i walked over and right when i was gonna bend over she fell right in front on me!! i guess it didn't hurt her cuz she picked up the cow in her mouth and left to play with it!! i'm like ok!!

Jun 19 2001
My cat's name is Romeo and he loves to lay down. His favorite place is the bathroom sink he can stay in there for a couple of hours sleeping!

Jun 19 2001
My cat's name is Meowz. She is a one-year old grey striped cat, a pure mixbreed just the way I like it. She sleeps with my husband and I on the bed, right next to my pillow in the summer and under the duvet at my side in the winter. Whenever we are working at our computers and she wants attention, she would dig in her nails into my leg until I scratch her head, or she would sit down on my husband's mouse! She is the cutest cat I've ever had, and I had 17 already.

Jun 18 2001
My cat Scruff is a male shorthair and he loooooves to play fetch. I will take a piece of paper and wad it into a paper ball and if I throw it and tell Scruff to bring back he will we play fetch for hours! it's so much fun!

Jun 15 2001
My cat loves to chase his tail. His name STEWART.One time my cat fell in the toilet.I have 2 other cats name DUCHAS (GREY) AND NIPCO (CALICO).They sleep with me. They bite my toes and scratch me. They are friendly but sometimes their monsters. I love when they play with me and when they cuddle. I LOVE CATS!

Jun 14 2001
I just got my cat a few days ago and he is already spoiled. His name is Pepper he's gray and white and totally CUTE he never stops purring and he always wants me to hold him.

Jun 6 2001
My wife and I two males living with us. Sox (Black Alley cat) is 1 year of age and Sylvester(Brown Taby American Short Hair) is 7 months. Sox was recently diagnosed with firbro-sarcoma in his right front leg that was subsquently amputated. This has not slowed him down in the least. Sox is still able to scrap with Sylvester running and playing like any other four legged cat. At times they act like two little children trying to get one another in trouble by doing things that will appear to be the fault on one cat, but really the other one started it. Sox and Sylvester can be reached at stevendouglas65@hotmail.c-om and enjoy reading about other freinds

Jun 2 2001
Well,my cat Stripe has to be the oldest cat on Vancouver Island,Canada where I live!What I mean by that is..she's 23 years old in human years!My Cats Vet.,was quit surprised when I told her how old she was!I think she has more than 9 lives because we have moved so many times..she still always alert as ever,even more now then when she was a kitten.I just think that alot of cats who are loved alot by their owners will live a long happy life,like my cat is!

May 30 2001
my cat named cozmo loves to play with his tail. TO amuse himself all day long is to play with it. for some reason he doesnt no he has a tail so some times he bites it. its really funny. hes a russian blue and he sits on his butt like is a human its rather funny too.

May 24 2001
My parents have two cats, Pochi and Petrushka. Petrushka (Trush), the newer of the two, is a very (ahem!) _outgoing_ toroiseshell while Pochi is an extremely shy tabby. Trush has a way of cornering Pochi at her litter box and making her so nervous that she misses the box and wets herself. Now Pochi has her humans trained--she won't use her potty without an escort to protect her from her stepsister!

Apr 25 2001
My cat Fonzi likes to lay in my top bunk bed and if I put my hand under the covers he will chase it and his eyes will get real big and his lips will curl up and show his enormous white fangs on either side of his mouth. Then he grabs the area where my hand is and bites and claws. If I am not careful he will unknowingly scratch me and I have many scars from duels with Fonzi. He does not bite on purpose though only in play.

Apr 23 2001
my cats name is dt and he is so funny he is always trying to attack the light but alwas trys agen becuase he is so old he is now 13 and is as funny as a kitten

Apr 22 2001
My cats name is Boots. She is the cutest! Her favorite toy is a weasel she got for Christmas. Whenever she wants to play,or when shes lonely, she carries the weasel in her mouth and cries like a little baby! It's SO cute!

Apr 14 2001
Hi everyone im Amber,I have 2 cats .One is fat,black,very very flufy, and her name is Jasmine. She cases flyes and they fly over her head so she dose back flips.She is 1 year old in humam years. Jasmine is a girl, and she is fixed. My other cat is not skiny but not fat, all black exept his pawls, he is also a short haired cat and his name is sockes. He got his name from his paws.The thing he dose is he snores when he is tired and watches TV. He is 1 year old , and he is fixed.Sockes is a boy.

Apr 12 2001
My cat's name is Fluffy and he is a balck long haired persion cat and when we first got him and he was just a kitten, (hes a year old now)he would only sleep in my bed, and in the morning he would groom me, aka wake me up by licking my face and rubbing his face in my hair. It was the cutest thing. Also my last cat shadow died at age 15 by being hit by a car.

Apr 7 2001
i had 3 cats last sunday when 1 of them died her name was poppyand she got run over. the 1 's i have now are Del boy and pepper.pepper is so funny she wakes me up every morning before i go to school she leans on my neckand rolls on my face to wake me up.when delboy purrs you can hear him a mile away.they are all very funny . i atually can make pepper kiss me,when i say kiss pepper she will lower her head and then lick me. i love them very much especali pepper because she is my cat.

Apr 6 2001
I have two male Grey and Black Tabby cats named Tyker and Tarzan. Both 1 years old. Tyker sucks on my ear at night while I'm sleeping. Tarzan loves to take a piece of his food out of his dish and play with it across the floor. They are my babies and I love them soooo much. Memory of my other male cat (Timone) who died at the age of 1 1/2 years last Easter. I miss you more then anything.

Apr 5 2001
I have trained my kitty to literally kiss me! He will lick my lips right after I say If you kiss me, I'll give you a treat! I don't know how I trained him to do that but he has done it ever since he was a kitten!

Apr 3 2001
I have a really cute black kitten. But when I first got her she jumped right in to the toilet, and another time I was in the bath and she jumped right in, but she stoped that now.

Mar 21 2001
when i first got my cat (tanner) he'd get between my dog(tess) the couch and the wall but tanner would swing onto tess's ear and she wouldn't even notice.So she thought he got away and would search the whole house for him when he was on her ear!

Mar 20 2001
1 week after I got Molly(my cat) she new how to sing.And watch T.V. her favourite shows are 'Hammy the hampster' and 'The Weather Network'. Now,Molly just seems soooooooooo lazy it almost seems like she sleeps 16 hours a day! 2 days after I got Molly we had found out that her sister is our neighbor! Molly is 2 years old now, and she has 2 strange signs,1 of which is on her forehead, and in the shape of a heart, the 2nd one is on 1 of her shoulders,that sign is a ying-yang. Molly is my 5th cat that I've ever had, and she's by FAR the BEST!

Mar 10 2001
I adopted my wonderful Himalayn 6 years ago. I have had many cats in my time, but he is the best. He was four years old when I adopted him, making him only 10 now. Last week he was diagnosed with diabetes and he does not have much longer to live. My husband and I are so thankful for each additional day that he lives and stays with us. For anyone else who is going through what we are right now...stay strong and continue to give your love.

Feb 26 2001
My cat 'Jess' (now sadly departed from us) would follow me around whenever I was outside the house to keep an eye on me. If I was working in the garage on my various motorbikes she would sit on the spanner I was looking for or curl up asleep in my tool box forcing me to keep lifting her out (she would be back in there the minute I turned around) - sometimes she climbed on my back if I was crouched down or nibble at my beard if she could reach it. She also had a thing for shirt buttons, and would sit on your lap and try to bite them off. One friend of mine is quite (very) fat and Jess would always leap on him when he sat down and cuddle into his belly to sleep, things like this really used to make me laugh. Much loved and much missed..

Jan 22 2001
My two kitties, Mimi and Bebe are always playing. Sometimes the run and jump and kick each other in the head. It's the funniest thing I have ever seen

Jan 18 2001
I have two cats, a four and a half year old female cat called Mishmash, and a one year and three month old cat called Coco Puff (called Coco for short). One day they were on my kitchen table, playfighting, and they were up on their back paws hitting at each other with their front paws! It was the funniest thing I had ever seen!

Jan 16 2001
I have a cat named cupid who used to like to explore the drop ceiling in our basement. The stairs leading to the basement provided him easy access to a ceiling tile we intenionally left out for him to go up there and play, until one day after too many cans of sheeba and bags of treats he fell through, 7ft to the ground. He wasnt hurt of course but has neglected to go in the ceiling anymore.

Jan 13 2001
I Have a male calico named Binxton but i call him binx for short.Most cats hate water.But binx loves it every time i take a shower he always jumps in with me.And in the summer he goes in the pool and swims with me and my family. He is truly the Best cat!

Jan 10 2001
My cat Jazzpaw (5 months old tabby) was born on a farm and is very WILD. He rips and races about the house with soo much energy he knocks over our dinning room chairs! Jazzpaw does have quiet moment... when he is tired or sleepy, he meows to be picked up and cradled like a baby. The cute thing is that if you try to talk to him while you holding him... He puts his paws over your mouth and tilts his head back and closes his we know not to talk to him while he is napping!

Jan 6 2001
I have a 2 year old MaineCoon named Chezmo. I call him Chezzie for short. He is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen. He is also VERY smart. Every morning we go through a ritual as I get ready for work. I have taught him to fetch and retreive. He has his favorites, his mouse, a sock, a ponytail holder. He prances around my feet until I give in and play. I throw his toy and he runs down, grabs it in his mouth, runs back and drops it at my feet waiting for me to throw it again. He also gets up on the sink in my bathroom as I brush my hair and waits for me to brush his head and under his chin. He seems VERY dissappointed if he doesn't get his way. He is truly the BEST.

Dec 26 2000
TUNA :) anyone?.My oldest daughter has a cat, 'Espresso'(same as shown in your pic 'Lovely View,Village of Asthal '. All black with big, bright yellow eyes). From the time I wake up till I'm ready for dinner, I don't see her all day. But open a can of tuna on the electric can opener, there is she, by my side. A very charming dinner companion and a purr-fect lady :).

Dec 18 2000
My cat Bingo had SO many quirky traits! For example, he wouldn't chase balls but he would chase socks. His favorite foods included corn, refried beans and MACARONI! He would jump up on the table with a napkin tied around his neck and eat like a human. HOW CUTE! He was also a bit headshy, making him look cute as ever. Well he was killed two years ago and I miss him and love him as much as ever.

Dec 18 2000
I own five cats, and all of them have a different personality. Each thinks in different ways, and each cat has different fears. One of my kittys is a orange tabby, named Snitch. He is very sweet and I got him from a veterinarian's clinic, my mother works at. I have taught him many tricks, such as, to kiss on command, to sit, and to jump. Although some tricks he does on his own, such as, he always cups his hand full of water to drink. He also loves to play with Q-tips, cat-nip mice, and balls. He is almost a year and a half old and runs from strangers. I adore him and he constantly reminds me, that he adores me too!

Dec 14 2000
Our family has grown up with many cats. We had one cat named Dodger who was named after the Artful Dodger in Oliver Twist. Suited him fine. He loved donuts! He would steal a donut off of your plate any time you weren't looking. He had doubled paws and would hook the claw of his extra toe into the intended donut! He was very quick. What a pick pocket! He also loved Tick Tacks! Now he was a cat with minty fresh breath!

Dec 5 2000
I have a little black and white kitty named SNICKERS or as I sometimes call her, SNICKERDOO or just DOO. Snickers has a habit of jumping on my back when I am bent over doing something, like rinsing my face in the bathroom sink or putting away a can of soup in a lower kitchen cupboard. Then she sits on my back and shoulders,very relaxed, like a little monkey. I walk around the house and she just stays there on my back and shoulders. Sometimes I think I should give her a little coffee can so she can collect nickels!

Nov 22 2000
Abigail Jaillet
One time, I was laying down on the floor on my stomach with my head tilted to one side. My cat,Jasper, Came up right by my face and laid on his stomach with his head tilted to one side facing me! It was really cute!!!

Nov 5 2000
My cat Skippy will be a year sometime in january i thnink ...he is a spoiled cat and is mean sometimes....he likes to jump really high for toys on sticks and he does some good jumps and its cute well bye

Nov 4 2000
Zandralee Ann
I have this cat named Whiskers and he does so many wierd things I don't really know where to start but anyway he thinks he can go through the window it's halarious! He gets up on the windowsill and pushes with all his might untill his head hurts trying to get out but he is pretty start knowing how to open a door.

Nov 3 2000
I have 3 cats. One is a blue point siamese, one is a black-and-white tabby, and the third is an orange-and-white tabby that weighs 25 pounds. Johann will do somersaults if you make him walk until he gets tired. Then he just falls forward. It is hilarious. my mom has me show everyone, and they think it is so funny.

Oct 31 2000
My cat ran down the stairs and did this cute little thing with his tail. He made his tail swoosh back and forth, and then he flipped twice and landed all cute!! He turned 4 years old today,he's a solid black cat with green eyes!!!

Oct 18 2000
Mysty is 7 months old, my boyfriend got her for me on our 10 month anniversary at the city pound,she is a funny girl.She as fun with anything.She plays with q-tips and hide them under the bathroom carpets or under our pillows.She is crazy about olives Mysty smells them from a distance and come to me and say meow meowthat to us means come on give me some hurry faster.Every nigth when i am all comfortable in bed and ready to sleep she come in bed and give me a goodnigth kiss then she falls asleep near my feet.I love my baby Mysty with all my heart.

Oct 10 2000
My year old kitten Sebastain actually does back flips. It's really cute and quite amazing. I tryed teaching him frount flips but he didn't like that very much:)

Aug 28 2000
Joey is the light of my life, he's a very loving siamese mix. Everyday without fail I get awoken 3 or 4 times in the AM by my stinker licking my face. He wakes me just long enough to let me know he's there - curls up in the crook of my arm puts his paw around my neck and goes to sleep. He is the most loving, beautiful kitty I've ever had the pleasure of being owned by. 'Happiness is being owned by cats' and I'm truly the happiest person I know!

Aug 20 2000
One time I was sitting on the couch watching tv. When all of a sudden my kitten Destiny woke up. She climbed up my leg, on my shirt and then to my shoulder. She sat there on my shoulder like a parrot and watched tv with me.

Aug 14 2000
Once, I was playing with Mewtwo, My cat on the floor. When I tried to get up, she bit the corner of my shirt and pulled down. When I finally got up she started climbing up my leg (I was wearing jeans,thankfully )!

Aug 13 2000
My Cat Rodent
In U.S.A (where I use to live). My grandmother found a mixed coloured cat, she was only two months old when my grandmother found her. We caught her and she was now ours. We named her Rodent. Rodent is a big scaredy cat she loves going outside to play around. She is a very beautiful cat.

Aug 8 2000
Gracie, the gift from heaven
My mom found Gracie on Father's Day of 1999. She was abondonded at 5 wks. She was so tiny, and hungry. We feed her lots of kitten chow. We new she had an owner, because she was wearing a flea collar. I asked around the neigborhood, but no owner. We kept her and named her Grace, because she came from Heaven. My other Cat, Ashley, had died in April 1999 and I feel that she was the one who sent me Gracie. Thank you Ashley for your special gift from Heaven.

Aug 7 2000
Pixie and Elf
Pixie used to try to feed off the dog when she was younger, but now she helps herself to dry food and throws a tantrum if there isn't any there.Elf knows if I am upset and puts her paws around my neck. She also fell in the toilet and then hid in the corner with her face to the wall when my family laughed at her.They both know what I am saying and obey me!

Jul 31 2000
Our deaf cat Helen (pure white) has no concept of sound. She figured out if she runs over the piano keys we'll come to her. Her meow sounds like the bleat of a goat, her purr is more of a huffing noise and if she's lonely, she emits a yodel that can be heard outside. But we love her anyway!

Jul 30 2000
We use to have a himalayan named Frosty. He liked to play with ribbons & bows. He would bring them to us when we asked him to. Also a cat named Missy. She liked to sleep in a pillowcase on the bed & she would also suckle herself. I miss those cats.

Jul 26 2000
Sailor P-fat
My cat Edith has a peculiar little quirk. Normally I couldn't get a meow out of her by force. If she does meow, it's completely silent. But if I ever sing in the shower she runs into the bathroom, gets on the lip of the tub and hollers at me with all her might. It's more than a little disturbing, and hardly a very nice compliment.

Jul 24 2000
My cat emma will leap on my shoulders whenever she wants to cuddle. She will just lay across them while I do anything like do the dishes or even cook dinner. SHe will even try to get on my shoulders while i am doing my hair. She's like a parrot. I have never had a cat do that before.She is a sweety.

Jul 23 2000
At some point every month, my persian cat Budgie goes absolutely wild whenever i whistle, talk or sing. She comes to me and purrs so loudly even the people in the next room can hear it!! Then she walks all over me rubbing the side of her back on me; and then finally she cuddles up and sleeps next to me kneading my arm!!

Jul 22 2000
Eleanor R. B.
My cat Zippity the Superkitty sits at the head of my bed, on my pillow, and lunges at the birds on the window sill. Her face gets smashed into the screen and the birds get scared away.

Jul 21 2000
My cat thinks hes a dog he goes outside with the BIG dogs and plays like a dog. My cat/dogs name is Tippie, and the dogs never hurt the cat the dogs played with him like he was one of the dogs. With I that wat cool to with them all play together but my cat was my only friend forever now i don't have the cat or the dogs so all my friends are gone

Jul 18 2000
Misha is a two year old grey kitty, limited to the size of a 5 month old kitten due to bottle feeding and an early bout with worms. She lost her mother when she was three days old, and several weeks later, we adopted her from the California feline foundation. She happily helped our other kitty, Thomas romp through the house and discover new playthings. She has always been small, but she still finds ways to get into trouble. Any still water becomes a new toy for Misha, including toilets. For example, Misha will sit on the side of the tub, if I'm taking a bath, and play with the water, puting her front feet in up to her armpits. She will pat my hand underwater, and I must do my best to keep her from falling in. She's out klutzy little water cat.

Jul 16 2000
Otis the cat was a special cat. Named after the singer Otis Redding for his singing ability. Every time i started to sing a song Otis would sing too. After awhile he almost started to sound like the music I was singing. What was really cool is that he could almost get the exact tone of the note.

Jul 14 2000
Pepper is a black cat that has been living with my family ever since he was found in a friends backyard with his mother and siblings. As I live in a family of five, our pet choices vary widely. Right now, we have 3 fish. Pepper is always hanging around the fish bowl, but we continue to have all three fish!! As it turns out, pepper's favorite beverage is dirty fishwater(He detests the fish)!Yuk!!

Jul 8 2000
My 2 cats Star and Black Moon live outdoors (we're on a farm) and come and go as they please. They were both abandoned kittens that I took in and fed and kept alive. Now, when it's suppertime, they hang around on the porch waiting patiently. But always, before chowing down, they make eye contact and give me a little loving, out of appreciation, especially Moon. Star is a female tuxedo (black & white) and Moom Boy is a black longhair. I think personality types correlate with hair color--ever notice that? Tuxedos are confident, diffident, stubborn, and just a little quirky. Black longhairs are very sensitive, loving, intelligent, and very good hunters, unfortunately. These will be my last outdoor cats, as outdoor cats destroy a huge number of songbirds and other wildlife. I hate that part.

Jul 8 2000
rachel and emma (sisters)
We had a kitten named Kimberly and she used to come over to us and follow us around when her liter box needed cleaning. She would keep getting in our way and nagging at us until we would go to the basement to clean the liter box. She also liked jumping off the top of the cabinets, trying to land on the bean bag. She fell quite a way before she would hit it--it was even funnier when she missed and hit the floor. She would make a face and go try it again!!

Jul 1 2000
My cat is really cute his name is oreo. whenever he eats in his little private room (that means his food water and litter box and bed is in there)he always makes a really funny noise like if you were eating and you do yummm mmm you know, well my cat always does that when he's eating. Can u imagine him drinking' he blows bubbles!

Jun 30 2000
My son, who is 20yrs old, loves cats. We have a dog but skippy doesn't suggle like cats do, but loves my son just the same. His girlfriend has one cat and one kitten. My son loves the kitty Ambrosia. Ambrosia loves him. Cats are really great at snuggling.

Jun 27 2000
My cat is a siamese 1 1/2 year old feline. Whenever she is done cleaning (it takes her a whole 4 hours of every day!), she comes over to me, I am usually sitting at the computer, and claws my leg like a scratching post. And her new thing is taking food out of the trash and nibbling on it. Her fave is chicken (I wonder why). And at night she likes to sleep hugging my leg. She lays down kinda like a dog from a cartoon that just ran into a tree or something and it's legs are going straight foward, all 4 of them. And she just does that to my legs. She also likes watching my betta, Juno, swim around. He flares his fins and stares at her. It's really cute.

Jun 26 2000
I have two 3 month old kittens, Gracie and Boo. They do a lot of funny things, but my favorite is when I clean their litterbox, they both run over and peek their little heads over the edge and stare intently like it's really fascinating. Then when all the poo is gone, they hop inside and look up at me all confused and amazed, like they're thinking 'What did you do with the poo, lady? Dude, that's the coolest thing EVER! It's all clean!' Also they like to spend all night long playing King of the Bed, and Monster Under the Covers (because of course the lumps under the covers aren't my legs, they are in fact monsters that must be killed at all costs.)

Jun 26 2000
Lady Marmelade
When I am feeling unhappy, my cat always notice it, so he comes to me and makes a little sound and then he starts likking my chin!

Jun 25 2000
When my family is at the dinner table, my cat Shadow will stand on his hind legs and taps you on the shoulder with one of his front paws to ask you for food. He usually comes up to me because I usually give in and give him a small peice of meat or something that he will like from the meal.

Jun 20 2000
My cat Zorro likes to play a game with his food. He takes a piece of food out of his bowl and hits it with his paw across the kitchen floor. When he catches it he eats it.

Jun 19 2000
My kitten ,Jeb, isn't allowed to have milk. So, when nobody's looking, he reaches down into a cup of milk and pulls out a milk drenched paw to get a taste.

Apr 23 2000
My cat has three main activities while I am at the computer. 1) She claws (gently, thank goodness) at my pants' leg so I'll sit back and give her room to jump up and get in my lap. 2) She curls up in a cute cat ball in my lap and snoozes. 3) When she's tired of snoozing and wants me to get up and feed her, she becomes shark cat -- that is, she circles around and around my monitor (stepping on the keyboard, of course) until I get up and do what she wants.

Apr 18 2000
Our cat Henry(orange tabby & 8 pounds) is a talker. He says no, yes(sort of) and mama all of the time. He does 2 funny things; when he goes to the catbox, he talks(loudly) about it while doing his business and then when finished, bolts out of the bathroom and charges around the house for at least 1/2 hour. He chases our other cat Artie(18 pounder) through every room in the house. This happens every time without fail.

Apr 15 2000
Our kitten, Saavik, hid behind the hassock to dry-gulch her brother Cedric, but he leaped over the hassock - just as Saavik jumped out to catch him. Mid-air collision!

Apr 14 2000
My cat, Nickel, would sleep in my room under my covers when no one was home. As soon as I went in my room, a lump in my bed would rise & I would hear a series of meows until I pulled off the covers.

Feb 12 2000
My old cat was Muffins (Frederick was his middle name, when we used it, he knew he was in trouble). He was an orange tabby, and he was a year younger than me. (I am 16 now, he would be 15) He was very close to me. And every night, he would lay on my sheets with me and he would hold my hand. And he used to give me hugs by putting his paws on either side of my neck and squeezed. Muffins died not too long ago, and I miss his little kitty hugs. He was a great feline!

Jan 31 2000
My little classic tabby, Gabby, loves to copy people. One night in particuliar, I was leaning over my banister talking to someone when she came over to me and leaned over the lower rung of the banister and looked down at the person I was speaking to and started meowing!

Jan 25 2000
My middle cat is a 2 yr old siamese mix with a crooked tail & crossed eyes. He sleeps at the foot of the bed until he thinks it's time for me to wake up. Then he rubs his face on mine until I lift the blanket so he can lay down next to me for a few minutes before he starts kneading my arm to let me know he's ready for my attention. He's got a great purr too. All 3 of my cats have unique personalities!

Jan 7 2000
I baby sat a cat named Gus. She was a cute cat and liked to give me little Kitty hugs by laying on my chest and spreading her paws to both of my sides. She would then squeeze them together while attempting to nibble my chest. I miss Gus (Augusta).

Nov 14 1999
My cat Ricki likes to rub her face along the edge of my lampshade and very carefully put the edge between her fangs. She does this when she wants my attention. So far she has only gently tested the thickness of my lampshade, but I'm sure if I don't give her the attention she wants, I'll find little fang-holes in it.